All items are fully serviced in our workshop.  The internal and external appearance of each radio is restored to the highest possible standards.  We stress safety and reliability in all our restoration projects,  you can rest assured that any receiver purchased from this page will give you many years of vintage radio enjoyment.

All restoration work is carried out sympathetically,  we try to preserve the originality of our radios as much as possible.

Each set is sold complete with a simple operating and care instruction sheet,  which will help you to get the most out of your new purchase  and keep it in 'out of the box' condition. 

All overhauled radios are sold with a six month return to base guarantee,  which even covers the valves and transistors for the full period of the warranty.

If there is nothing here that you fancy,  why not take a look at the project radio page.  There could be something that we can overhaul for you.  Prices are listed for this service.

If you want to know when we update our radio stock on this page,  please send an email to our usual address and request to join the update mailing list. 

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Stock last updated 1/8/21

New items added on 26/7/21

If you have a twitter account,  you might want to follow @pasttimesradio for the latest updates,  news about items we have in and other light hearted things going on at Past Times Radio.    We have several other projects in development and occasionally some funny tales to share. 

Most of the new stuff went in one order  -  more ready at the end of August.

C1958 Nordmende Tannhauser  HiFi Stereo   (valve) 
Good grief.   It's big and heavy.  A brute of a German valve radio but wow does it sound good.   A true stereo amplifier,  it has a double single ended amplifier.   Now the radio bit is mono but it cleverly splits this across the amps to give maximum 3D effect.   Which it does.   You can feed in actual stereo sources via the multitude of sockets on the rear panel should you wish to  -  it even has a balance control.   Did I say it was big.    I suspect calling this radio the Panzer or Tiger back in the 50's would not have been politically acceptable but that is what it feels like.  A  great tank of a wireless!    Which it needs to be to house those four large speakers and advanced tone control system.    The cabinet finish is original lacquer,  all nice and tidy.   The only thing to mention here is a stain on the glass tuning dial printing,  if you look above the volume control there is a small patch of the glass that has a green colour to it.   When  the radio was built they used some kind of tape here which over the years degraded and caused the colour change.  Nothing I can do about it  -  it looks worse in the photos than it does in real life and going by the size of this set it soon gets lost.    You could almost play a tune on all the piano keys. 
Coverage :- LW / MW / SW / VHF FM
Dimensions 25" wide, 14" high, 11" deep
Antenna -  various internals with sockets.
Has built in antenna rotator for AM

Price now reduced to £395 
   UK delivery £20   EU etc ask.

1968 Hacker Herald RP35 (transistor)
By the time the RP35 came out Hacker were already on to version 3 of this popular, robust radio.   With the same huge Goodmans speaker and audio amplifier fitted in the Sovereign models you can expect the best in audio reproduction from this radio.  LW and MW never sounded so good!   All in excellent order,  no damage and finished in the best colour.  RAF Blue.   This makes a change from the usual charcoal grey Hacker finish.   One for the boys?
Frequency Coverage  LW and MW
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod with sockets.
Batteries  -  2 of PP9  9V
Dimensions 11" wide, 8" high, 4.5" deep
Price £70   UK Delivery £11   EU ask.

C1991 Roberts RP28   (transistor + IC)   
Cracking British made portable radio,  its as good as new and has top sound reproduction.  Preset tuned with old fashioned linear "knobs" for each range.  You get presets for AM and 4 for VHF FM.   You can of course use one of them as a variable  -  the little tool supplied by Roberts for making the adjustments is fitted into the holding spot on the top panel  (under the lid).     Dark claret red,  best colour for the 1990's Roberts stuff.   
Frequency Coverage :- MW / LW  / VHF FM
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod with telescopic antenna for VHF FM
Batteries  -  6 C cells
Price £60    UK Delivery £9  EU etc ask for a quote.   Prices keep changing!

1971 Hacker Harrier (transistor)
Continuing Hackers naming of radios after great aircraft such as the Hunter etc the Harrier came along just after the jump jet entered active service here in the UK.  It is a nice compact VHF FM only radio  which has superb audio quality,  and indeed uses a fair bit of the Hunter circuitry to achieve this.  This example is in good clean order and has excellent audio quality.   Have a good look at the photos for more details.  Battery wise just a single PP9 is required although there is space to fit a second parallel wired battery for long term use.   Unlike other hackers an 18V supply is not required.   One of the harder to find Hacker radios. 
Frequency Coverage  VHF FM to about 103 MHz
Antenna - Telescopic whip with sockets
Batteries  -  1 of PP9  9V or option for second parallel wired.
Dimensions 11" wide, 8" high, 3.5" deep
Price £75  UK Delivery £10   EU etc ask.
Sorry this one has gone.  Sold.   

1973 Roberts R600  (transistor)
Here we have a proper 70's colour,   Mustard.   This R600 has good all round performance and coverage on VHF up to about 106 MHz.   The troublesome IF module has been overhauled,  all ready to go.  Uses a single 9V battery which will last for ages in this model.    For the past 20 years the R600 is still one of the most popular radios we get sent in to overhaul  -  this one is available to buy at what it would normally cost to do this!   
Frequency Coverage  LW/MW/ VHF FM
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod  / telescopic with sockets
Batteries  -  1 9V PP9 9V
Dimensions 10" wide, 6" high, 4" deep
Price £75       UK delivery £10    EU etc ask.
Sorry this one has gone.  Sold.   

1988 Roberts RCS80   (transistor and multitude of IC's)
Roberts radio made this model their flagship in the late 1980's  -  it was rather over complicated from an electronics point of view being based on microprocessors and digital electronics.  Tuning is by scan / push button control and you can also use this as an alarm clock.  However like all of their larger models it has  lovely audio, sounding much the same as the R747 or R900.  Mains or battery powered (complete with a new lead).   A "proper" Roberts,   built in Britain.     Finished in the limited edition orange cloth material,  excellent condition,  supplied with mains lead.

Antenna - Internal ferrite rod / whip for VHF with sockets
Batteries  -  D cells or use built in mains power supply
Frequency coverage   -  LW / MW / VHF FM  to 108Mhz
Dimensions 12" wide, 7" high, 3.5" deep
Price £85       UK delivery £10    EU etc ask.

Sorry this one has gone.  Sold.   

1951 Roberts RMB   (mains / battery valve) 
This model seldom turns up, it was the last of the "big" valve portables from RR  -  I think most of them were sold through Harrods and as such quite probably not too many made up here in the north.   Finished in  scarlet red the Roberts will certainly brighten up any room and as you can see from the pictures it is in tip top condition.  Being a mains battery portable there are no problems with hooking up 90V batteries,  you can use it as a plain old simple mains powered radio.    It also has SW coverage which was seldom offered in 1950's portables.   for this you really need to add a length of wire to the antenna socket as you will only be able to pick up the strongest of signals with out it.   We will supply something suitable with the correct plug attached for this. Lovely old thing!
Frequency Coverage LW, MW and SW
Antenna -   internal frame (with turntable) and sockets
Batteries  90V HT 1.5V LT with internal mains power supply.   
Dimensions 12 wide, 10" high, 6" deep.
Price £125    UK delivery £12    EU etc ask.

1955 Pye P131 MBQ Jewel  Mains Battery  (valve) 
Here we have something a little different as one of our overhauled items.  This Pye Jewel case radio is in such good condition it really needed to be put back into full working order.   This is the slightly larger attaché cased portable which differs from most other similar Pye radios in that it has a built in mains power supply.   So there is no need to start messing around with 90V batteries in order to get the thing playing.  We have the correct lead to supply with the radio.    The chrome work is exceptional,  it is so shiny taking photographs was a real problem!   Good sound and performance from this quirky valve radio.   Fully overhauled,  ready to go.   
Frequency Coverage LW, MW
Antenna -   internal frame
Batteries  90V HT 1.5V LT has internal mains power supply built in.
Price £100      UK delivery £12    EU etc ask.

Roberts R707  (transistor) 
First released in 1969 the R707 was aimed right at the top end of the market.  A direct competitor to Hacker Radio  -  this was pointed straight at the Sovereign customers.   A bit of an engineers nightmare,  replacing the ever faulty IF module is a long winded, painful job.   This one has been fully overhauled,  all dodgy transistors replaced with something reliable.     It's all band and this model is the only one to use a pair of the large 996 6V lantern batteries,  which are commonly available.   Audio quality is superb  -  in this respect the 707 is by far the best radio they ever produced.   This example has been very well looked after.   

Just in case you are wondering about getting your 707 overhauled  (does it hiss but no radio signals  -  that's the IF module)  it would normally cost about £85  for a full overhaul plus delivery.   Well worth doing if you like a good radio! 

Frequency Coverage LW, MW, SW  and VHF FM 
Antenna - internal ferrite etc with sockets.
Dimensions 13" wide 7" high, 4" deep
Batteries 2 6V lantern types.
Price  £150   UK Delivery  £12  EU etc ask.

Sorry this one has gone.  Sold.   

Plenty more items on their way soon.   We have a large stock of valve and transistor radios awaiting overhaul.   Not had this much choice in years!    Keep a regular eye on the site or our twitter feed.

For interest and to give a better idea of the items we often have for sale, here is a selection of our recently sold radios.   If there is something below that you particularly like do get in touch as many things we have in stock never get as far as this website.   

1977 Roberts Rambler  (transistor)
We like Ramblers. For such a small radio the sound reproduction is great.   This one is finished in a proper 70's colour and looks spot on. No marks or scratches on the grille or cabinet cloth.  Great fun, highly recommended. 
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod
Batteries  -  1 of PP9  9V
Frequency coverage   -  LW / MW
Dimensions 7.5" wide, 5" high, 2.5" deep
Price £35  UK Delivery £8   EU etc  please ask for quote
Sorry this has gone.  Sold.

1956 Grundig 3028 GB /3D  (Valve)
Twenty odd years earlier Grundig were building things like this.  The classic 3028.  This one was made for the UK market in West Germany and boasts lots of interesting and more importantly good sounding features.   Lets start with the speakers.  Three in total,  the tweeter / mid range drivers on the outer corners with a whopping big bass unit at the front.  Tuning.  Dual drive for both AM and VHF which means that you have two pointers and when you tune in a station on VHF you don't mess up the tuning on AM.  This is achieved with a clutch mechanism which transfers the drive from one spindle to another !  Tone control.   Four band graphic equalizer with a pretty line graph display.  AM antenna control.  The direction of the ferrite rod aerial is controlled by a front panel knob so you don't have to move the radio or fiddle around the back panel to adjust the antenna direction.  Magic eye  -  this is nice and bright and gives a good indication of tuning -  a bit like a signal strength meter.   All in all a very high quality wireless that considering when it was made performs superbly.   This example is in rude health,  with its original cabinet finish still nice and glossy.  Another true hi-fi offering  (we have been quite luck of late with all this West German stuff!) 
Frequency Coverage :- LW / MW / SW / VHF FM
Dimensions 23" wide, 13" high, 9" deep
Antenna -  internals with sockets  Has built in antenna rotator for AM
Price  £315     UK Delivery special £20  EU etc  please ask for quote.
Sorry this one has gone.  Sold in a matter of hours…   

1958 Schaub Lorenz GoldKlang 58   (valve)
Ok it's a special one.  Over the past few weeks whilst this has been on display in the workshop the few customer visitors that we have had in all remarked positively about this radio.   It is lovely.  The audio that is produced is absolutely first class,  now that some work has been carried out on the amp it has to be up there with the best.    The audio stage unusually uses a pair of ECL82 valves,  set up in push pull.  This saves on a few components for the designers but it works so well and does away with extra triode stages.  Speakers,  there are four of them in this model all balanced to give the best possible reproduction.  They are the original Shaub units and each in excellent condition.    There are lots of tone features,  boost / cut switches,  filters,  magic eye tuning,  split drive control for AM and VHF.   Yes it is the full German experience.     The cabinet is very glossy,  it had been re-glazed to some degree before we got it,  there are a few minor blemishes but nothing to take away from this magnificent piece of engineering.   The Germans certainly knew how to make a HiFi valve radio.  Makes almost anything sound good!  Have a good look at the pictures.   

Due to the value and rather huge glass tuning dial I am not going to entrust it to a courier,  it will be either personal delivery (and of course I will set it up for you and give driving lessons if needed) or you can come and collect it from the workshop by arrangement.     

Frequency Coverage LW/MW/SW and VHF FM
Antenna - Internal ferrite + VHF dipole + sockets for SW etc
Dimensions 25" wide, 16" high, 9" deep

Price £650
including UK personal delivery.   
There will be an additional  surcharge of £25 for Cornwall and  £40 for Scottish Highlands.    Afraid delivery outside of the British mainland is going to be a problem, although a meeting at a ferry port can be arranged.   Get in touch to discuss!

Well afraid to say this one has gone.  Sold. 

1947 RAP 846   (valve)
I did mention something about having a British set and well if you are going to have but one this might be it.   Another design classic,   who else would build a wireless with a heavily chrome plated chassis  (and the transformer, speaker and so on) and then fit a glass viewing panel at the rear of the set so that the new owner could marvel at their glowing purchase.   It's brilliant,  and in such good condition.   The chrome work is smooth and corrosion free  -  all the radio is in great shape.   Slow motion tuning with a distinctive set of controls and excellent valve audio.   It is finished in a medium oak colour.   The RAP 846 is particularly good at short wave listening,  having three ranges and that unique pointer / large tuning knob arrangement.   Supplied with a suitably long wire antenna and the correct plug to fit in the back.   Have a good look at the pictures,  you will not be disappointed in this at all.   

Due to the value and that antique rear glass panel I am not going to entrust it to a courier,  it will be either personal delivery (and of course I will set it up for you and give driving lessons if needed) or you can come and collect it from the workshop by arrangement.     

Frequency Coverage LW/MW/3 SW ranges
Antenna - simple wire required.   
Dimensions 21" wide, 14" high, 12" deep

Price £495
including UK personal delivery.   
There will be an additional surcharge of £25 for Cornwall and  £40 for Scottish Highlands.    Afraid delivery outside of the British mainland is going to be a problem, although a meeting at a ferry port can be arranged.   Get in touch to discuss!

Sorry this one has gone too.   Briefly here and now gone.  Sold.

1958 SABA Meersburg Automatic 11-Stereo  (valve)
Special radio time.  Yes it really is a special one.  A West German marvel of an automatic motor tuned wireless wonder.  Try saying that when you have had a few schnapps!  The sound quality this radio produces is wonderful,  they are just so good.  I am not over exaggerating  either.  It is a 4 speaker set up, which normally runs in "wide" mono mode but you can feed in a stereo source and then the amp with a push of a few buttons reconfigures itself to stereo.   Of course the built in VHF FM tuner pre-dates any stereo multiplex decoding.  That's not the fancy bit though   -  this radio has motor tuning.  You press a few buttons again and the tuner scans up and down, looking for stations.  It will even fine tune them in for you,  which is fun to watch the tuning knob rocking back and forth until it is locked on.   Of course you can do all this manually, again with a click of a switch.  There is impressive tone control and sensitivity on all bands.  SW is lively even when using just in the internal VHF dipole as an antenna. 
Next point is the condition  -  all you see is original.  The cabinet, cloth, dial and so on have just been polished and cleaned.  It's all as it left the factory some 60 years ago.  Another feature are the large piano key controls.  Each one lights up independently as it is pressed.  There is also a bright tuning indicator.   The entire radio and motor control has been thoroughly overhauled,  a complex job.  Time now to become someone's pride and joy.   It is not a cheap radio by any means,  needing  a good spot in the house to put it on display.   Similar sets quite often sell for over £1000 these days around Europe.     It is fabulous and from our perspective one of a kind.  Highly unlikely we will ever have another one.     

Frequency Coverage LW/MW / SW and full VHF
Antenna - Internal steering ferrite and dipole for vhf use. 
Dimensions 25" wide, 15" high, 11" deep
Price £625    including UK personal delivery.   There will be a surcharge of £25 for Cornwall and Scottish Highlands.    Afraid delivery outside of the British mainland is going to be a problem, although a meeting at a ferry port can be arranged.   Get in touch to discuss!

Sorry this one has gone too.  Sold in under 24 hours.   It has generated much interest!   

1950 Bush DAC90A Ivory   (valve) 
A damage free,  very shiny Bush DAC90A, finished in the rarer Ivory coloured material.  I reckon for every 10 brown 90A's that come in we may get one like this, and generally they now have a stress crack on the top of the cabinet.   Pleased to say that this one does not follow the general rule and is crack free.   Like the brown sets they are very popular and work well in most situations with their internal frame aerial.     Fully overhauled,  looking great and ready for another 70 years…   
Frequency Coverage LW/MW
Antenna - Internal frame.
Dimensions 12" wide, 9" high, 7" deep
Price £185   UK Delivery £14   Most of EU £28  -  £35  GBP
Sorry this one has gone

1946 Bush DAC90  valve 
As promised last time around here we have a fully overhauled Bush DAC90,  the original octal valved version of this classic design.   Nice to find one with a good cabinet and the rarer green print dial,  most of this model have a cream printed type.   The 90 runs a bit warmer than the later 90A due to the larger valves and heat build up from the dropper resistor,  it is important to allow a bit of space at the rear of this model for ventilation,  so please don't site it right next to a wall!   As is usual on the 90 the rear panel has been repaired,  I managed to make a perfect fitting patch out of a other dead DAC rear panel.   Great audio and sensitivity, the internal aerial works well and is slightly directional.  A highly recommended glossy Bakelite wireless.   
Frequency Coverage LW/MW
Antenna - Internal frame.
Dimensions 12" wide, 9" high, 7" deep
Price £185   UK Delivery £14   Most of EU £28  -  £35  GBP
Sorry this has gone.  Sold.   

1962 Roberts R200  (transistor)   
Tan R200 models always seem to be filthy and are the most difficult to clean.  We didn't have that problem however with this one,  which I think has been stored away in a box for most of its life.   Even the handle is original and in good order  -  they usually split and need replacing.   Great fun and a good sounding proper wood portable.  None of that MDF, or self destructing audio amplifier chips in here  (take note Roberts!)      Later version of the R200 which as always has had its transistors replaced,  amongst the other bits that wear out.    Not many originals left now in good order like this. 
Frequency Coverage :- MW / LW 
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod with sockets
Batteries  -  1 of PP9  9V
Dimensions 8.5" wide, 6" high, 3.5" deep
Price £80   UK Delivery £11   Most of EU £22  -  £35  GBP   Sold.

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