All items are fully serviced in our workshop.  The internal and external appearance of each radio is restored to the highest possible standards.  We stress safety and reliability in all our restoration projects,  you can rest assured that any receiver purchased from this page will give you many years of vintage radio enjoyment.

All restoration work is carried out sympathetically,  we try to preserve the originality of our radios as much as possible.

Each set is sold complete with a simple operating and care instruction sheet,  which will help you to get the most out of your new purchase  and keep it in 'out of the box' condition. 

All overhauled radios are sold with a six month return to base guarantee,  which even covers the valves and transistors for the full period of the warranty.

If there is nothing here that you fancy,  why not take a look at the project radio page.  There could be something that we can overhaul for you.  Prices are listed for this service.

If you want to know when we update our radio stock on this page,  please send an email to our usual address and request to join the update mailing list. 

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Stock last updated on 26/8/17

New items added on 27/6/17
New items here soon. 

1950 Bush DAC10
We just sold a DAC10 a few days ago and then this one arrived!  Again we have a nice glossy example which ticks all the right boxes.   From both the front and back it is in really good shape.  However there is a repaired crack on one side of the case.   Flash photos always make them stand out far more than they are visable in reality,  as you can see from the bottom picture it is nothing too serous.   Other than this,  the radio is as clean as a pin,  its fully overhauled and works really well.   Nice and clear audio with three preset MW stations and variable LW and MW tuning on the other two buttons.  Discounted due to the cabinet fault.   
Frequency Coverage  LW/MW
Antenna - Internal frame.
Dimensions 12" wide, 9" high, 8" deep
Price 90  UK Delivery 14  Sorry this is sold.

1953 Pye P76F
The F tells you that this is the better of the two P76 models,  F stands for frame,  so it has an internal aerial which gives very good results for most situations.  This example sounds as good as it looks,  the 76 was one of Pye's best  machines of the 1950's.  Incorporating all kinds of elaborate feedback in the audio amplifier,  it really does kick out the bass and makes AM sound much better than anything else from the 1950's  The cabinet still has its orignal factory finish which has polished up well.  Perfect for everyday use around the house.  Yet another highly recommended radio from the Pye factory of Cambridge!   
Frequency Coverage :- MW / LW / SW
Antenna -  internal frame aerial  (external wire recommended for SW)
Dimensions  19" wide 15" high,  7" deep
Price 150    UK Delivery 14   Sorry this is sold.

1952 Bush DAC90A
Rarer ivory coloured model,  for every ten brown ones that turn up we may see one  in this colour.  After all they were about 2 more expensive back in the day!  The material is a little bit more brittle that proper Bakelite and tends to suffer from stress cracks.  This one is no exception,  it has the usual thin line on the top above the output valve area.  It's nothing too serious on this one and certainly will not get any worse.   Other than this mark the only other thing to mention is a little chip out of the back edge of the wave change switch knob lever which sits on the right hand side of the cabinet as you look from the front.  It is a fine sounding compact valve radio which like all DAC90A's  perform well with the minimum of fuss.  It's a case of plug it in,  wait a minute and off you go.   
Frequency Coverage LW/MW
Antenna - Internal frame.
Dimensions 12" wide, 9" high, 7" deep
Price 150   UK Delivery 14   Most of EU 28  -  35  GBP

1947 Pye T19D
Back in it's day this was Pye's top of the range band spread short-wave receiver,  it has no less than 6 short-wave bands spread out just like long or medium wave.  It also has the usual LW and MW coverage.  Being the T version the low SW bands are also covered which is where you used to find fishing trawlers.   You might get lucky and still find something on these frequencies,   these days it's more likely to be military signals on the trawler bands.   Performance is excellent,  with really clear good quality audio which you can adjust with the multi position switched tone control.  There are still plenty of stations to be found on Short Wave,  despite many European nations closing down their international services this past few years.   A new thing around the 6 MHz band  (49M) are a number of lower power music stations mainly broadcasting from Germany and Scandinavia in the old "Pirate" tradition, although most of them are perfectly legal stations now.  The cabinet has been refinished to a high standard and in superb condition  -  it looks almost like new.   The only bit of damage is a hairline stress crack in the plastic dial surround.    I have included a chassis shot so you can see just how clean this radio is inside.   
Frequency Coverage  LW/MW/6 SW band spreads
Antenna -  simple wire needed. 
Dimensions 20" wide, 13" high, 10" deep
Price 160   UK Delivery 15   Most of EU 30 -  35  GBP
Sorry this one is sold.

1972 Roberts RM40   (transistor)
Roberts had a go at several mains powered shelf or table top radios in the 1970's,  this one being about the most successful.  With an up-rated audio amplifier and a well made wooden cabinet (with teak end panels) it produces good well rounded audio.   You could also with a suitable lead connect up another audio source to this model as it has a switched aux input connection.  Ipod?  Hmmm  not so sure about all this digital stuff.   Anyway this is indeed a proper Roberts Radio,  made in England.  Very good condition, bar a tiny bit of front panel wear around one control and a couple of compression nicks in the leathercloth cover.  It packs quite a punch.   Fully overhauled and ready to go. 
Frequency Coverage  LW/MW/VHF FM
Antenna -  Internal ferrrite and dipole for VHF.  Sockets also fitted for external aerials. 
Dimensions 18" wide, 5" high, 7" deep
Price 75   UK Delivery 12   Most of EU 25 -  35  GBP
Sorry this one is sold.

1988 Roberts R900  (transistor) 
The R900 was one of the new British made models for the mid 80's.  The original version was released in 1985, around 1988 they gave the R900 a facelift and changed the cabinet shape to the standard "Roberts" style as used in several other models of the time.  This is the later version.  Now I know this is by no means vintage radio,  but if you want a good quality portable with excellent audio then you really can't go too wrong with this.  Again it has an internal mains supply or the option to power it from a single PP9 battery.  Just like the older R707 and 606  there is plenty of audio control as Roberts made a wise decision to go back to separate treble and bass pots.  Full coverage of VHF FM right up to 108MHz.  Finished in black. Nice condition.   
Frequency Coverage  LW/MW/ VHF FM
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod  / telescopic with sockets
Batteries  -  1 PP9 9V or use internal power supply.   Mains lead supplied.
Dimensions 11" wide, 6" high, 4" deep
Price 80  UK Delivery 10  Most of EU 25  -  30 GBP
Sorry this one is sold.

Items awaiting restoration,  currently prepared to order.   Pictures will be available of things once they have been overhauled  -  basically drop us a line or call to discuss if you are interested in any of them.  The quoted prices do not include delivery costs. 

Valve Radios
Philco A547B   Chocolate brown Bakelite radio.  1948
Philips 170A  (Bakelite,  one of the best 1940's radios)     1946   

See the DIY projects page for more valve radios  -  we can always overhaul one of them for you. 

Transistor Radios

Tan Hacker Mini Herald,  in A1 condition
Roberts RP26 and RP28 in a couple of colours.   May be some new build radios too if I have enough new spares available.

See the DIY projects page for more transistor radios  -  we can always overhaul one of them for you. 
New stock is on its way..

For interest and to give a better idea of the items we often have for sale, here is a selection of our recently sold radios.   If there is something below that you particularly like do get in touch as many things we have in stock never get as far as this website.   

1958 Ekco A277  (Valve)
Twin speaker,  VHF only valve radio in a curvy walnut cabinet.    This table top model contains the same chassis as the classic C273 console receiver  -  which is was quite simply one of the best VHF valve floor standing radios built in the UK.   The cabinet finish is original,  it's just been polished up  -  as you can see it's been well looked after.  Chassis wise the works have been completed,  including a bright new magic eye tuning indicator.   Sound quality is every bit as good as it looks,  with the pair of large Goodmans speakers thumping out plenty of bass and top end from the tweeter.   Coverage of VHF is from about 87 to 101 MHz. 
Frequency Coverage VHF FM only
Antenna - internal dipole with socket for external antenna
Dimensions 21" wide, 14" high, 9" deep
Price 195  UK Delivery 14   Most of EU 28  -  35  GBP

1953 Pye P75
Rightly so,  this is one of our top selling valve radios.  An attractive little wooden thing -   that you find a space for, plug it in and start to enjoy.   Good sound quality from an ample sized Goodmans speaker,  and it's internal frame aerial make this an ideal vintage radio for use anywhere in the house.  For SW reception you'll need a length of wire connected to the antenna socket on the back.  Fully overhauled and working just as it was 60 odd years ago,  with an immaculate original finish cabinet.   Recommended to all.
Frequency Coverage :- MW / LW / SW
Antenna - internal frame for LW/MW with sockets for external.
Dimensions  16" wide 12" high, 7" deep
Price 125    UK Delivery 14   Most of EU 28  -  35  GBP

1934 Ekco AC85 
One of the first in a great line of superb Bakelite case designs this early superhet was quite a success when it went into production in late 1934.   This was a good find.  Like most early Ekcos  (the round ones included) the AC85 is not the most sensitive design,  although now that we've given the RF and IF stages the once over it's working very well.  This model has lots of clever electronics,  one might say over complicated but the results are pleasing enough.  You have a control on the front panel which alters the gain so that if you wish you can reject weaker stations and annoying noises on MW and LW.  In practice I tend to keep the gain up,  unless of course you just want to hear the strong BBC stations on AM.  Tone control is by a plug and wire with three positions on the back of the set  -  this primitive method was replaced in the later AC86 with a proper switched front panel control.   The Bakelite case is perfect,  very glossy with no damage or scratches.   It all looks rather lovely really.  Complete with the proper mains connector,  it's original mains energised speaker a perfect back panel and a highly polished walnut Bakelite case. It's a classic.
Frequency Coverage  LW, MW
Antenna -  reasonable wire antenna needed for best results  (wire supplied)
Dimensions 20" wide, 13" high, 9" deep
Price 400   including UK PTR personal delivery  (mainland only) 
25 fuel surcharge for Scotland and Cornwall   -   and you get a visit from me!
Discount of course if you can collect the radio. 
Sold in a matter of minutes.   So much for our new updates!

1970  Hacker Sovereign 2 RP25A  (transistor)
Regarded as even better in many respects than the RP18 Sovereign this mark two version uses more silicon transistors and has an improved VHF stage.  Not that there was much wrong with the old version!   Styling is much the same apart from the colourful dial made way for a clearer printed scheme with larger control buttons.  Again in tip top condition,  finished in dark charcoal grey.  Very sensitive,  built like the proverbial tank!   One of the best.
Frequency Coverage  LW/ MW/VHF FM
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod  / telescopic with sockets
Batteries  -  2 of PP9  9V
Dimensions 12" wide, 9" high, 5" deep
Price 120   UK Delivery 11   Most of EU 22  -  35  GBP
This one also sold within 24 hours of going online.   

1973  Roberts R707  (transistor) 
First released in 1969 the R707 was aimed right at the top end of the market.  A direct competitor to Hacker Radio  -  this was pointed straight at the Sovereign customers.   A engineers nightmare,  replacing the ever faulty IF module is a long winded painful job.   This one has been fully overhauled,  all transistors replaced with something reliable.     It's all band,  and being the later version from the mid 70's it has an extra socket on the side so operation from a 12V linear power  supply is possible.    We can supply such a unit for an additional 10.     This model is the only one to use a pair of the large 996 6V lantern batteries,  which are commonly available.   Audio quality is superb  -  in this respect the 707 is by far the best radio they ever produced.   This example has been very well looked after and is in excellent,  un-marked condition.   Just in case you are wondering about getting your 707 overhauled  (does it hiss but no radio signals  -  that's the IF module)  it would normally cost about 85  -  95  for a full overhaul plus delivery.   Well worth doing if you like a good radio!
Frequency Coverage LW, MW, SW  and VHF FM 
Antenna - internal ferrite etc with sockets.
Dimensions 13" wide 7" high, 4" deep
Batteries 2 6V lantern types.
Price 125 UK Delivery 10  Most of EU 25 GBP
12V linear regulated power supply to suit this radio is 10 if ordered with the R707
Sorry afraid this one is sold.

1948 GEC BC3248
Here we have a nice looking,  good performing Bakelite AC valve radio with a painted cream front.    One of the better GEC models of the time with decent performance and audio quality on all bands.  This one covers short wave too.   All in good orignal order bar one thing to menton in that there is some print missing from the centre strip of the tuning dial (this is the short wave bit).  I don't think it really spoils the radio as the other two ranges have survived ok on it and with the pointer illuminated behind it everything looks symetrical.   Just being thorough with my description!    The cabinet itself is in really good shiny condition.   The radio is fitted with an internal frame winding antenna which is good for local and strong station reception,   a extra wire makes a vast improvement on short wave.     Worth having a look at if you fancy a genuine 1940's wireless.     
Frequency Coverage :- MW / LW /SW
Antenna -  has internal frame antenna with sockets.
Dimensions  15" wide 10" high, 8" deep
Price 130   UK Delivery 14   Most of EU 28  -  35  GBP  Sorry sold.

1955 Roberts R66  (valve mains portable)
Speaking of earlier valved Roberts portables,  here is one such thing.  A red one too at that which tends to make a difference to some.   Again in excellent overhauled order complete with a new set of valves.  Unlike many valve portables of that time this one also has an internal mains power supply so there is no need to mess about with 90V batteries.   Excellent audio and sensitivity,   the antenna is very directional on this model which means you will need to swivel the case about on its turntable to get best reception.    One final thing since taking the photos I have removed the little marks on the front grille.
Frequency Coverage :- MW / LW 
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod with socket
Batteries  -  use internal mains supply or 90V HT 1.5V LT
Dimensions 9" wide, 7" high, 5" deep
Price 95  UK Delivery 10   Most of EU 25 GBP  Sorry this is sold.

1969 Hacker Sovereign 2 RP25  (transistor)
Regarded as even better in many respects than the RP18 Sovereign this mark two version uses more silicon transistors and has an improved VHF stage.  Not that there was much wrong with the old version!   Styling is much the same apart from the colourful dial made way for a clearer printed scheme with larger control buttons.  Again in tip top condition,  finished in RAF blue.  Very sensitive,  built like the proverbial tank!   One of the best.
Frequency Coverage  LW/ MW/VHF FM
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod  / telescopic with sockets
Batteries  -  2 of PP9  9V
Dimensions 12" wide, 9" high, 5" deep
Price 105   UK Delivery 10   Most of EU 25 GBP  Sold.   

1937 Pilot U355 (Valve)
Pilot made some nice looking wireless sets fitted in heavy good quality wooden cabinets. This is one of them  -   the U suffix does not mean Universal,  it does have a proper AC mains transformer just in case you are not familiar with Pilot thinking.   Yes they as far as I know were the only company to do that.    The clock face dial is particularly ornate and has each relevant section illuminated depending on what band is selected.  Good sensitivity  and plenty of proper valve audio on tap.   Have a look at the pictures for more.
Frequency Coverage  MW, LW and SW 
Antenna -  wire needed   (supplied)
Dimensions 21" wide, 12" high, 9" deep
Price 250 UK Delivery 13   Most of EU 38 GBP
Sorry this is sold.

1945/6 Philips 371A  (Valve)   
We have been busy again in the new workshop polishing Bakelite.  It's beautiful.  The 371A case was based on a pre-war Philips design,  with the chassis slightly modernised with octal EF39, ECH33 etc type valves.  Performance is good on all bands  with just a short antenna.  There is a switched tone selector,  one position for speech and the other more rounded position for music.  The circular tuning dial is back lit and is fully illuminated when the radio is switched on.  A proper vintage radio which is not too big,  looks superb and just the thing to put in your home and enjoy. 

Frequency Coverage  LW/MW/SW
Antenna - simple external wire needed.
Dimensions 15" wide, 9" high, 7" deep
Price 195   UK Delivery 14   Most of EU 25  -  35  GBP   Sorry this is sold

C1961 Hacker Mayflower 1  RV14   (valve)
King of Hacker valve models, this is the best one by far of all the Mayflowers.   It is also the hardest one to find!  The RV14 with later push pull output stage and a VHF FM tuner that goes right up to 108 MHz.  VHF only,  no nonsense and fantastic performance.   The cabinet is all original and in excellent condition.    Very high specification receiver,  you will be pleased... 
Frequency Coverage VHF FM only to 108 Mhz 
Antenna - dipole with sockets for all kinds of things! 
Dimensions 18" wide, 11" high, 7" deep
Price 325   UK Delivery 14 Most of EU 28  -  38  GBP   Sorry this went in a matter of an hour or two.     

1954 Bush AC34 (Valve)
Here we have one of the classic Bush 50's radios,  this is one of their best AM models.  It is well designed, easy to work on and performs well. The large elliptical speaker does a good job. Cabinet wise this one is very good, factory original walnut with a perfect Bush transfer on top. The birds eye maple trim finishes off the front panel with a touch of class. It has an internal frame aerial which works very well on LW and MW and the stronger SW stations, you need a simple wire aerial to get the most out of short wave. Excellent build and sound quality.  A proper wooden vintage radio.
Frequency Coverage :- MW / LW / SW
Antenna - internal frame with sockets.
Dimensions 20" wide, 16" high, 8" deep
Price 145   UK Delivery 14    Most of EU 28  -  35  GBP
Sorry this one is now sold.

1962 Roberts R200  (transistor)   
Tan R200 models always seem to be filthy and are the most difficult to clean.  We didn't have that problem however with this one,  which I think has been stored away in a box for most of its life.   Even the handle is original and in good order  -  they usually split and need replacing.   Great fun and a good sounding proper wood portable.  None of that MDF, or self destructing audio amplifier chips in here  (take note Roberts!)      Later version of the R200 which as always has had its transistors replaced,  amongst the other bits that wear out.    Not many originals left now in good order like this. 
Frequency Coverage :- MW / LW 
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod with sockets
Batteries  -  1 of PP9  9V
Dimensions 8.5" wide, 6" high, 3.5" deep
Price 80   UK Delivery 11   Most of EU 22  -  35  GBP   Sold.
Also available,  we have a green R300 and another R200,  this time in blue.  Both will restore to a similar condition.   Ready soon...

C1963 Decca  TP99  (transistor)
Fancy something a little different?   I think this looks great,  and was quite impressed with its performance too.    A proper 1960's style radio with well rounded audio and good battery life.     Finished in dark blue,  in perfect condition.   Not to be missed,  this is a rare find.    Can't say in the last 20 years that we have had another one in.   The usual transistor suspects have been replaced. 
Frequency Coverage  LW/MW
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod  with sockets.
Batteries  -  1 PP9 9V   
Dimensions 9" wide, 5.5" high, 2.5" deep
Price 55 UK Delivery 10  Most of EU 22  -  35  GBP
Sorry this one is now sold.

1970 Hacker Herald VHF RP37A  (transistor)
This is the VHF only version of the Hacker Herald,  which has been well looked after.    It's basically the same circuit as the Hacker Sovereign II model  -  using the same high quality audio amplifier and VHF tuner / IF stages  -  they just removed the AM board.   Finished in the rarer dark red with brass trim colour,  in lovely condition.  If you want me to pick a fault there is slight degradation of the tuning panel gold edge printing.   I have said it before but this must be the only production radio in existence with Rotherham printed on the tuning dial! 
Frequency Coverage  VHF FM to about 102 MHz
Antenna - Telescopic whip with sockets
Batteries  -  2 of PP9  9V
Dimensions 11" wide, 8" high, 4.5" deep
Price 105  UK Delivery 12   Most of EU 22  -  35 GBP 
Sorry this one is now sold.

1964 Roberts R500   (transistor)
Top of the range Roberts radio,  the R500 is a bit like a R300 but bigger with a slide rule tuning dial.  Personally I think this is by far the best sounding of all the early Roberts radios,  it's well up there with the Hacker products.  Has an attractive brass telescopic whip aerial which is used for short wave.  Roberts didn't make many radios with short wave coverage,  I'm not sure why that is.  All dodgy transistors replaced.  This one is finished in Crimson red.    Just as it should be. 
Frequency Coverage  LW, MW and SW
Antenna -  Internal aerials.  Telescopic whip for SW. Ext sockets fitted.
Batteries 2 PP9 9V types. 

Price 80  UK Delivery 11   Most of EU 22  -  35  GBP   Just sold it.  Sorry!

1965 Hacker Herald  RP30 (transistor)
For the MW and LW enthusiast,  here is a tidy Herald to listen to Europe on.   Every bit as good audio as the all singing and dancing Sovereign  (less VHF of course), this one finished in a nice blue cabinet with the earlier, more colourful tuning dial.    Great rich tone from the huge Celestion speaker fitted as standard in all Heralds of this time.   Very clean inside and out.   
Frequency Coverage  LW/ MW
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod with socket.
Batteries  -  2 of PP9  9V
Dimensions 12" wide, 9" high, 5" deep
Price 85   UK Delivery 10   Most of EU 25 GBP    Sold.

1974 Hacker Super Sovereign RP75MB   (transistor / IC) 
The stuff of legends.  Pleased to report that we have two of them available!  Some say the Super Sovereign was quite possibly the best portable radio ever made in the UK.  Or Europe  -   I have even seen mention in the USA about this radio,  they reckon in the world.  Whatever the fact is this model cost Hacker a lot of things,  and quite possibly was the beginning of the end for the company.  Why ?  It was just too good and too expensive.  About 8000 were manufactured so almost 40 years later they are not too common and anyone with a super would be wise to hang on to it.   It's all band,  2 SW up to almost 30 MHZ,  VHF,  LW and MW with dual tuners,  a massive speaker and a beautifully engineered audio stage.  There is also a signal strength come FM tuning meter,  fine tuning and lots of other buttons and features.  Being the MB version not only does it have an internal mains power supply but it also has a pre-selector come tuned pre-amplifier for the short wave bands.  So you can peak up the whip antenna to the frequency in use.  For battery use there is a 8 D Cell pack in the base of the cabinet  -  you can either use alkaline or rechargeable cells.   The slightly lower voltage from rechargeable batteries is not a problem as the audio amp has an automatic bias circuit to allow good performance from weaker batteries. This example is in lovely condition,  almost like new.  Just a slight bit of wear around the printing area of the volume control.  You will not be disappointed!

Frequency Coverage  VHF FM, 2 SW (full coverage with fine) MW, LW
Antenna - Telescopic whip / internal ferrite rod with sockets
Batteries  -  8 D cells / internal mains power supply  (lead included with radio)
Dimensions 15" wide, 9" high, 4.5" deep
Price 250 UK Delivery 14  Most of EU 25  -  38  GBP
Sorry this is sold.   Going for a new life in Japan!

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