All items are fully serviced in our workshop.  The internal and external appearance of each radio is restored to the highest possible standards.  We stress safety and reliability in all our restoration projects,  you can rest assured that any receiver purchased from this page will give you many years of vintage radio enjoyment.

All restoration work is carried out sympathetically,  we try to preserve the originality of our radios as much as possible.

Each set is sold complete with a simple operating and care instruction sheet,  which will help you to get the most out of your new purchase  and keep it in 'out of the box' condition. 

All overhauled radios are sold with a six month return to base guarantee,  which even covers the valves and transistors for the full period of the warranty.

If there is nothing here that you fancy,  why not take a look at the project radio page.  There could be something that we can overhaul for you.  Prices are listed for this service.

If you want to know when we update our radio stock on this page,  please send an email to our usual address and request to join the update mailing list. 

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New items added on 22/11/23

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January Sale time.    All items for sale including delivery  reduced by 25%
Take one quarter off the total cost of your order.   This offer ends 20th January 2024 

1952 Bush DAC90A Mk2 Ivory   (valve) 
This is lovely.   It has that "new" glossy shine to the cabinet,  just like a fresh chestnut out of its shell.    It has a little stress mark on the top corner which you can see in the pictures  (nearly all "ivory" colour sets have this now),  however this has been stabilised and will not get any worse with use.    Have a good look at the pictures for condition.  Excellent audio and performance for a compact valve radio,  all you need to do is plug it in,  wait a minute for the warm up and enjoy. 
Frequency Coverage LW/MW
Antenna - Internal frame.
Dimensions 12" wide, 9" high, 7" deep
Price Special discounted to 150    UK Delivery 14   
EU / USA please ask for a quote.

Sorry this is sold.  Another Christmas present sorted!

1940 Murphy A90   (valve) 
First released in 1939 around the same time as the beginning of WW2  this would turn out to be one of the last new Murphy domestic products  (other than their contribution to the war time civilian economy receiver) for several years.   It is a sturdy,  well made thing too.   Great room filling audio quality and good sensitivity from this larger woody wireless.   The cabinet is a mid walnut colour and the front panel is glossy black Bakelite.    It has had a new speaker grille cloth fitted as the old one had worn through in many places and it looked a mess.   None of that now, thankfully.   Should be good for several more decades.     The chassis is the heavy painted type that has some serious weight to it.  Supplied with a suitable wire antenna you can still listen to plenty of the world on short wave with this set.    The backlit dial selects each section depending on what wave band is in use.
Frequency Coverage LW/MW/SW
Antenna - simple wire needed
Dimensions 16" wide, 17" high, 10" deep
Price now discounted to 195    UK Delivery 20   
EU / USA please ask for a quote.

1969 Roberts R707  (transistor)  New
First released in 1969 the R707 was aimed right at the top end of the market.  A direct competitor to Hacker Radio  -  this was pointed straight at the Sovereign customers.   A bit of an engineers nightmare,  replacing the ever faulty IF module is a long winded, painful job.   This one has been fully overhauled,  all dodgy transistors replaced with something reliable.     It's all band and this model is the only one to use a pair of the large 996 6V lantern batteries,  which are commonly available.   Audio quality is superb  -  in this respect the 707 is by far the best radio they ever produced.   This example has been very well looked after.    VHF tunes to just over 104 MHz,  you can tell this is the very first version due to the all black push buttons,  and larger IFT cans on the circuit board.   

Just in case you are wondering about getting your 707 overhauled  (does it hiss but no radio signals  -  that's the IF module)  it would normally cost about 95  for a full overhaul plus delivery.   Well worth doing if you like a good radio! 
Frequency Coverage LW, MW, SW  and VHF FM 
Antenna - internal ferrite etc with sockets.
Dimensions 13" wide 7" high, 4" deep
Batteries 2 6V lantern types.
Price 150   UK Delivery 10     EU / USA please ask for a quote.
Sorry this is sold.

1976 Hacker Ranger   (transistor)   
Sticking with the 70's for a while here we have the baby Hacker radio.  Great condition all round,  finished in black.    The Ranger was Hackers answer to the Roberts Rambler and alike.   It only covers the AM bands but it does have a massive speaker for this size of portable.   Nice example
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod
Frequency Coverage  LW and MW
Batteries  -  1 of PP9  9V
Dimensions 8.5" wide, 6" high, 3" deep
Price 60   UK Delivery 10
EU / USA please ask for a quote.  .

1966/7 Bush TR130  (transistor)   New
Here is the original version,  made around 1966.  Fully overhauled with new transistors in lovely working order.  If you like a little less chrome than the later models the 130 is the way to go.  One of the best sounding AM transistor portables of this decade,  I wonder how many new Beetles records were played through this or maybe the 1966 world cup?    Absolutely cracking audio quality from this small AM radio. 
Frequency Coverage  LW/MW
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod  with sockets.
Batteries  -  1 PP9 9V   
Dimensions 9" wide, 5.5" high, 2.5" deep
Price 45  UK Delivery 10   EU / USA please ask for a quote.  .
Sorry this is sold.

1962 Eddystone S940 Communications receiver   (valve) New
We would normally feature this kind of receiver on our communications page, but that very rarely gets looked at so I thought well lets repeat it here too!

Here we have one of the classic Eddystone receivers,  it has just been overhauled in our workshop and is now in great working order.   The 930 was aimed at the more discerning amateur listener or commercial user.  It is a proper HF communications receiver with decent filtering,  a product detector for SSB listening,  AGC,  S meter and several stages of IF amplifier.    This one cosmetically is excellent,  and hardly has any marks on it at all.   Comes complete with the Eddystone mains lead (with proper plug) and some original paperwork / manuals.    They are easy to drive and the silky smooth tuning makes whizzing up and down the SW bands a pleasure.   Tunes from MW through to 30 MHz.   Have a look at the pictures and see the Eddystone user group website for more information about this set.     

Frequency Coverage :- HF communications receiver to 30 MHz.

Price 300
UK Delivery 25     It is a heavy beast of a receiver built in a steel cabinet!

For interest and to give a better idea of the items we often have for sale, here is a selection of our recently sold radios.   If there is something below that you particularly like do get in touch as many things we have in stock never get as far as this website.   

1974 Hacker Black Knight RP74FM    (transistor)   
A mint condition, VHF only Hacker radio classic.   You will not find a better Hacker Black Knight than this one.    It's perfect.    Superb sound quality,  FM only radio from almost 50 years ago.   I know  -  I am feeling old too!      Nothing else to say,  its fantastic. 
Antenna - Telescopic whip
Frequency Coverage  VHF FM
Batteries  -  D cells   -  8 of them.  They last a long time.   
Dimensions 12" wide, 8" high, 4" deep
Price 185      UK Delivery 10
EU / USA please ask for a quote. 

Sorry this one has gone.  Sold

1957 Bush VHF90   (valve)
Here we have a pretty little ivory coloured Bakelite radio ready for to be enjoyed by all  -  having very compact proportions and FM coverage it is no bigger than the earlier DAC90A.    All in well preserved condition throughout.  Fully overhauled,  you cannot really go wrong with this one.   Very sensitive and has two IF stages  -  just the same as the larger Bush  models.   
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod and dipole for VHF.  Sockets included.
Frequency coverage   -  MW and VHF FM
Dimensions 12" wide, 9" high, 7" deep
Price 175    UK Delivery 14     EU / USA please ask for a quote.
Sorry this one has gone.  Sold

1955 Philips 543A    (valve)   
Finally we have some new things to share with you all -  it has been a while I know    -  so many things come and go through our workshop before ever getting as far as the website.    Here is a nice sounding all band valve radio  (yes it has VHF FM too) from the wizards at Philips.   Built in a Bakelite cabinet which shines in all the right places.   Before I go on about sound quality and sensitivity I must report a little bit of damage to the cabinet.   Right on the back edge at the top there is a little bit that has flaked out,  it looks almost like a cat had a bite on it!  I doubt that very much but after pondering what to do I decided it was best to leave it as is rather than to try and cover it up.  It is nothing much really  -  have a look at the pictures.    This one covers VHF up to about 102 MHz,  and with a simple wire attached you can also make good use of it on short wave.   Like all Philips of this time period there is plenty of bass available even at low volume levels.  If you fancy a valve radio on a bit of a budget this one is worth considering.     
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod / dipole for FM with sockets. 
Frequency coverage   -  LW / MW / SW / VHF FM
Dimensions 20" wide, 13" high, 8" deep
Price 150   UK Delivery 15       EU / USA please ask for a quote.
Sorry this one is sold.

1959 Roberts R200  (transistor)
This is the earliest version of the R200 portable.  The differences are only on the inside of the case though,  where you will find a different PCB with the OC series of transistors.   That's a good thing  -  as transistors go they are almost indestructible,  and usually only stop working if you put the batteries in the wrong way around.  You can't do that with a PP9.  This example is very much red and it has had a replacement handle fitted.   Good R200's are getting very difficult to find,  especially these early versions.  It really is a super little radio,  and comes highly recommended. Early transistor Roberts radio at it's best.
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod with sockets
Batteries  -  1 of PP9  9V
Dimensions 8.5" wide, 6" high, 3.5" deep

Price 75   UK Delivery 10     EU / USA please ask for a quote.
Sorry this one is sold.

C1970 ITT Schaub Lorenz Touring International (transistor)   
Wow, another mint condition radio, this time from West Germany.   This really is top drawer stuff from ITT,  was their flagship portable at the time and it oozes quality.   All band,  up there with the best of B&O,  Telefunken and Grundig.  It is a mains or battery set,  has a back lit dial.  Fine and  normal tuning and a multitude of tone controls.  Around the back there are also a load o preset controls where you can adjust things like the IF frequency to get rid of heterodyne whistles or connect up other audio devices.   You get 4 SW band spreads,  full VHF FM  and LW / MW  -  it does the lot.  Every bit as good audio as a Hacker Super Sovereign etc.    Supplied with a new mains lead.  No marks or damage,  it is immaculate.   Why am I selling this?  It is my absolute perfect German portable radio.. 
Antenna - Telescopic whip / internal ferrite plus sockets
Frequency Coverage  VHF FM,LW, MW and 4 SW bands
Batteries  -  D cells   or use the built in mains power supply.  Lead supplied
Dimensions 15" wide, 8" high, 3" deep
Price 195      UK Delivery 10    EU / USA please ask for a quote. 
Sorry this one has gone.  Sold

1961 Hacker Mayflower 1  RV14   (valve)
King of Hacker valve models, this is the best one by far of all the Mayflowers.   It is also the hardest one to find!  The RV14 with later push pull output stage and a VHF FM tuner that goes right up to 108 MHz.  VHF only,  no nonsense and fantastic performance.   The cabinet is all original and in good condition.    Very high specification receiver,  you will be pleased... 
Frequency Coverage VHF FM only to 108 Mhz 
Antenna - dipole with sockets for all kinds of things! 
Dimensions 18" wide, 11" high, 7" deep
Price 315   UK Delivery 14  EU etc please ask for a quote.

I am sorry this one has gone.  Lasted all of 12 hours on the site :-)  SOLD!

1956 Bush VHF61   (valve)
British Bakelite at it's best.  Personally I think Bush got it well and truly right with this design,  with excellent performance and a classy cabinet layout.  A valve radio with FM coverage. This example as you can see is in tip top order,  and deserves a prominent spot in your home.  With it's internal aerials for both VHF FM and AM you should be able to locate this almost anywhere with good results.  No damage,  very glossy and original.   Has a brand new bright magic eye too !
Frequency Coverage  VHF FM, LW and MW
Antenna - internals with sockets.
Dimensions 16" wide, 11" high, 8" deep
Price 225
Sorry this one has gone.  Sold.   During November and Dec of 2022 we actually sold seven of this model,  all identical.   Big hit with radio listeners around the UK.   Hopefully more like this available soon.      They take a bit of sorting out but well worth the effort. 

1958 Schaub Lorenz GoldKlang 58   (valve)
Ok it's a special one.  Over the past few weeks whilst this has been on display in the workshop the few customer visitors that we have had in all remarked positively about this radio.   It is lovely.  The audio that is produced is absolutely first class,  now that some work has been carried out on the amp it has to be up there with the best.    The audio stage unusually uses a pair of ECL82 valves,  set up in push pull.  This saves on a few components for the designers but it works so well and does away with extra triode stages.  Speakers,  there are four of them in this model all balanced to give the best possible reproduction.  They are the original Shaub units and each in excellent condition.    There are lots of tone features,  boost / cut switches,  filters,  magic eye tuning,  split drive control for AM and VHF.   Yes it is the full German experience.     The cabinet is very glossy,  it had been re-glazed to some degree before we got it,  there are a few minor blemishes but nothing to take away from this magnificent piece of engineering.   The Germans certainly knew how to make a HiFi valve radio.  Makes almost anything sound good!  Have a good look at the pictures.   

Due to the value and rather huge glass tuning dial I am not going to entrust it to a courier,  it will be either personal delivery (and of course I will set it up for you and give driving lessons if needed) or you can come and collect it from the workshop by arrangement.     

Frequency Coverage LW/MW/SW and VHF FM
Antenna - Internal ferrite + VHF dipole + sockets for SW etc
Dimensions 25" wide, 16" high, 9" deep

Price 650
including UK personal delivery.   
There will be an additional  surcharge of 25 for Cornwall and  40 for Scottish Highlands.    Afraid delivery outside of the British mainland is going to be a problem, although a meeting at a ferry port can be arranged.   Get in touch to discuss!

Well afraid to say this one has gone.  Sold. 

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