All items are fully serviced in our workshop.  The internal and external appearance of each radio is restored to the highest possible standards.  We stress safety and reliability in all our restoration projects,  you can rest assured that any receiver purchased from this page will give you many years of vintage radio enjoyment.

All restoration work is carried out sympathetically,  we try to preserve the originality of our radios as much as possible.

Each set is sold complete with a simple operating and care instruction sheet,  which will help you to get the most out of your new purchase  and keep it in 'out of the box' condition. 

All overhauled radios are sold with a six month return to base guarantee,  which even covers the valves and transistors for the full period of the warranty.

If there is nothing here that you fancy,  why not take a look at the project radio page.  There could be something that we can overhaul for you.  Prices are listed for this service.

If you want to know when we update our radio stock on this page,  please send an email to our usual address and request to join the update mailing list. 

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Stock last updated on 28/7/14 

New items added on 11/7/14

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Stock Update

Due to the ongoing work in our new workshop build,  which is progressing well there has been little opportunity to get new items ready to show you this update.   Well that being said we keep getting things ready and they get sold before going on to this website!    There is a selection of new things in stock now,  all top quality items that are ready to be overhauled.   All can be prepared to order,  with photos sent by email to anyone that is interested.   As soon as space and time permit things will get back to normal service  -  the current plan is to have our new workshop more or less finished by the end of August and to move in during the first week in September.   Lots of improvements on their way….

For now here is the current list of new items available.    We now accept card payments over the phone or in person as well as cheques,  credit transfers, postal orders or PayPal.    Take a look at the sold items to get an idea on model numbers,  types etc. 

Ekco console VHF model   C273  -  two available  (see below for more details)  One of them is reserved  £395 inc uk personal delivery  (£30 surcharge for Scotland and Cornwall)

Bush console SUG26  (LW, MW, SW)  best of the Bush console receivers from the early 50's  £350 inc uk personal delivery  (£30 surcharge for Scotland and Cornwall)

Bush DAC90  -  the earlier octal version.   We have two of them with the rarer black cabinets.   Both will have new speaker cloths.  £145 each fully overhauled.  Very glossy Bakelite on both examples.

Bush DAC90A  -  two of them available both Mk1 90A's   -  fully overhauled £135 each.   Brown leafy Bakelite versions.

Hacker Hunter transistor portable.   King of the small Hacker models   £125 Ex condition.

Hacker Sovereign II  25/25A  both dark charcoal versions.   Will make good examples once overhauled  £115 each.   

Hacker Herald  -  various versions including one or two VHF models.  POA     

Roberts R404 fully overhauled,  ex condition with new transistors etc £70

Dynatron Jewel  in red    -  not a common portable,  nice condition  £50

Roberts Rambler,  in red.    £35

Various Roberts R600 models  with VHF coverage.   Fully overhauled with IF module re-build.  £80 each

Roberts RIC1 with odd snake skin covering material.  Not seen this style before   -  looks factory.  £40  in black.

Roberts RM40 mains transistor shelf radio.   Nice condition and excellent audio £45

1968 Hacker Herald RP35 (transistor)

By the time the RP35 came out Hacker were already on to version 3 of this popular, robust radio.   With the same huge Goodmans speaker and audio amplifier fitted in the Sovereign models you can expect the best in audio reproduction from this radio.  LW and MW never sounded so good!   There is a little crack to mention here on the top of the tuning dial,  at the back of the volume control knob,  other than that minor issue everything else is fine.   It is a good colour too and makes a change from the usual charcoal grey Hacker finish.   One for the boys?
Frequency Coverage  LW and MW
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod with sockets.
Batteries  -  2 of PP9  9V
Dimensions 11" wide, 8" high, 4.5" deep
Price £65   UK Delivery £11   Most of EU £22  -  £35  GBP 

1982 Roberts Rambler II  (transistor)
We like Ramblers  for such a small radio the sound reproduction on AM is great.  This is the second generation version of the model which includes an extra tone switch. Finished in "universal" black and looks very smart.   Great fun, highly recommended. 
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod
Batteries  -  1 of PP9  9V
Frequency coverage   -  LW / MW
Dimensions 7.5" wide, 5" high, 2.5" deep
Price £35   UK Delivery £8   Most of EU £22  -  £35  GBP

1988 Roberts RCS80   (transistor and multitude of IC's)
Roberts radio had a bit of a dizzy moment with this model and went into the world of microprocessors,  frequency synthesizers and dodgy clock modules.   That being said most of this type have self destructed by now….   However this one would seem to be quite happy and is working well.   All the switches and controls work, the scan functions and alarm modes all tick along merrily.  The key with this model is to always keep a set of decent batteries installed  -  even if you are running it from the mains supply.   This prevents the internal battery from failing which can quite often cause problems with the digital electronics.   Anyway enough of the reasons to put you off!  Finished in the slightly rarer cloth grey material which looks very smart.    Lovely audio, sounding much the same as the R747 or R900 model.  Mains or battery powered (complete with a new lead).   Built in Britain. 
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod / whip for VHF with sockets
Batteries  -  D cells or use built in mains power supply
Frequency coverage   -  LW / MW / VHF FM  to 108Mhz
Dimensions 12" wide, 7" high, 3.5" deep
Price £60   UK Delivery £11   Most of EU £22  -  £35  GBP
Sorry this is sold.

C1990 Roberts R747  (transistor + IC's) 
One of the last truly classic British Roberts radios in the real sense,  the 747 is a top class performer.  Simple to use,  great sound and lovely flywheel balanced tuning,  something I think which is a forgotten art in 2014.  Or so it might seem!   Anyway this 747 is finished in universal black.  Excellent condition.  Mains or battery operation with full VHF coverage right up to 108 MHz.   
Frequency Coverage  LW/MW/ VHF FM
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod  / telescopic with sockets
Batteries  -  C cells or use internal mains power supply.   Lead supplied
Dimensions 11" wide, 6" high, 4" deep
Price £70   UK Delivery £11   Most of EU £22  -  £35  GBP 

Not much here?  Don't worry.  We are not going anywhere!  See the note above.  Next time we will be up to our eyeballs in radios.   

For interest and to give a better idea of the items we often have for sale, here is a selection of our recently sold radios.   If there is something below that you particularly like do get in touch as many things we have in stock never get as far as this website.   

1970  Hacker Sovereign 2 RP25A  (transistor)
Regarded as even better in many respects than the RP18 Sovereign this mark two version uses more silicon transistors and has an improved VHF stage.  Not that there was much wrong with the old version!   Styling is much the same apart from the colourful dial made way for a clearer printed scheme with larger control buttons.  Again in tip top condition,  finished in dark charcoal grey.  Very sensitive,  built like the proverbial tank!   One of the best.
Frequency Coverage  LW/ MW/VHF FM
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod  / telescopic with sockets
Batteries  -  2 of PP9  9V
Dimensions 12" wide, 9" high, 5" deep
Price £120   UK Delivery £11   Most of EU £22  -  £35  GBP
This one also sold within 24 hours of going online.   

C1960  Grundig 5080 HiFi Zauberklang  (valve)
What can you say about this.   Wow comes to mind!   It's big,  one of the largest Grundigs of the valve era,  stuffed full of speakers, valves and very clever electronics.   This was not a UK model and cost an absolute fortune in the 1950's  -  I class this really as the ultimate Grundig table top set.   It has 10 valves,  5 large speakers,  enough audio filtering and controls to put a recording studio to shame.   The output stage is push pull and delivers enough umph for the largest of rooms.   It's a real piece of working furniture.  The cabinet and trim are all excellent,  original and only one little mark on the woodwork which is hard to spot.  Have a close look at the pictures.       This machine is 27 inches wide,  you need a big room to display it in.  Fully overhauled,  new magic eye and everything works perfectly.   
Frequency Coverage :- MW / LW  /SW and VHF FM
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod with sockets + dipole
Dimensions 27" wide, 16" high, 11" deep
Price £425   UK Delivery £25   
Sorry this has gone.  Someone beat you to it.

1973  Roberts R707  (transistor) 
First released in 1969 the R707 was aimed right at the top end of the market.  A direct competitor to Hacker Radio  -  this was pointed straight at the Sovereign customers.   A engineers nightmare,  replacing the ever faulty IF module is a long winded painful job.   This one has been fully overhauled,  all transistors replaced with something reliable.     It's all band,  and being the later version from the mid 70's it has an extra socket on the side so operation from a 12V linear power  supply is possible.    We can supply such a unit for an additional £10.     This model is the only one to use a pair of the large 996 6V lantern batteries,  which are commonly available.   Audio quality is superb  -  in this respect the 707 is by far the best radio they ever produced.   This example has been very well looked after and is in excellent,  un-marked condition.   Just in case you are wondering about getting your 707 overhauled  (does it hiss but no radio signals  -  that's the IF module)  it would normally cost about £85  -  £95  for a full overhaul plus delivery.   Well worth doing if you like a good radio!
Frequency Coverage LW, MW, SW  and VHF FM 
Antenna - internal ferrite etc with sockets.
Dimensions 13" wide 7" high, 4" deep
Batteries 2 6V lantern types.
Price £125 UK Delivery £10  Most of EU £25 GBP
12V linear regulated power supply to suit this radio is £10 if ordered with the R707
Sorry afraid this one is sold.

1957 Ekco C273 Console VHF (Valve)   
If you want a fantastic sounding,  great looking piece of period furniture then look no further.  Valve radios do not sound any better than this.  The VHF only C273 is simply the best.  In it's day it cost an absolute fortune  -  it's easy to see why.  Why do they sound so good?  Well it's down to two things really,  the heavy wooden cabinet and baffle arrangement (sealed from the rear) and the multi speaker Goodmans set-up you will find inside it.  Other things to consider is that it's VHF only,  so you don't have AM circuits cluttering up the chassis and signal paths,  and each valve just does one job  -  therefore not having to compromise performance.  Volume wise you can really make the windows rattle and it's unlikely you will need anything other than the built in antenna.  When the overhaul was completed, to finish the job off we fitted a new magic eye tuning indicator.   All trim is original and perfect,  even the cloth is clean.  Highly recommended,  don't miss this opportunity!   
Frequency Coverage :- VHF FM only
Antenna -  internal dipole with sockets
Dimensions 19" wide, 32" high, 12" deep
Price £395  including UK PTR delivery  (mainland only)  £30 fuel surcharge for Scotland and Cornwall   -   and you get a personal "install" visit from me!
Sorry this one has gone to a new home.     Looking out for another one now…   

1953 Pye P178   (valve)
This is lovely.  It's about the size of a DAC90A,  and looks almost new.   Electrically it's much the same as a P75,  squeezed onto a smaller chassis but still retaining the proper mains transformer. Inside the box there is a ferrite rod aerial for LW and MW,  which does well on local stations.  For SW you just need a length of wire for an aerial.  Reproduction is good with plenty of bass.   Nice chunk of Bakelite.
Frequency Coverage :- MW / LW / SW
Antenna - internal ferrite with sockets for SW etc.
Dimensions  12" wide 9" high, 6" deep
Price  £105   UK Delivery £13  Most of EU £22  -  £35  GBP   We have a few of this model in stock at the moment.   Sold.

1972/3 Hacker Sovereign III  RP72MB   (transistor)
In my mind, of the Standard Sovereigns the III is the best.  Built like a tank,  it is even more solid than the Sovereign II or indeed it's later successor the IV.  Nothing much to say really,  the audio is superb,  sensitivity is superb on all bands.   MB stands for mains battery which is the version that has an internal mains power supply unit.  Supplied with a new lead.  Cabinet and dial wise all is good,  the printing is intact with no wear marks around the control knobs  (which is a common problem on the III).  The only things I can find to report are a couple of pit marks in the aluminium top panel.  How they came about is a mystery  -  have a good look at the picture of the top.  Nothing serious.   Recommended to all with ears!
Frequency Coverage  LW/MW/VHF FM to 104 Mhz
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod  / telescopic with sockets
Batteries  -  8 D cells or use built in mains power supply. 
Dimensions 12.5" wide, 8" high, 5" deep
Price £145  UK Delivery £13   Most of EU £22  -  £35  GBP 
Sold it,  sorry about that!   More on their way…

1934 Ekco AC85 
One of the first in a great line of superb Bakelite case designs this early superhet was quite a success when it went into production in late 1934.   This was a good find.  Like most early Ekcos  (the round ones included) the AC85 is not the most sensitive design,  although now that we've given the RF and IF stages the once over it's working very well.  This model has lots of clever electronics,  one might say over complicated but the results are pleasing enough.  You have a control on the front panel which alters the gain so that if you wish you can reject weaker stations and annoying noises on MW and LW.  In practice I tend to keep the gain up,  unless of course you just want to hear the strong BBC stations on AM.  Tone control is by a plug and wire with three positions on the back of the set  -  this primitive method was replaced in the later AC86 with a proper switched front panel control.   The Bakelite case is perfect,  very glossy with no damage or scratches.   It all looks rather lovely really.  Complete with the proper mains connector,  it's original mains energised speaker a perfect back panel and a highly polished walnut Bakelite case. It's a classic.
Frequency Coverage  LW, MW
Antenna -  reasonable wire antenna needed for best results  (wire supplied)
Dimensions 20" wide, 13" high, 9" deep
Price £400   including UK PTR personal delivery  (mainland only) 
£25 fuel surcharge for Scotland and Cornwall   -   and you get a visit from me!
Discount of course if you can collect the radio. 
Sold in a matter of minutes.   So much for our new updates!

1954 Bush VHF54 (valve)
Top class Bush radio of 1954.  The ultimate of the AC3/4 range,  this is the one with VHF FM coverage.  VHF broadcasting in the UK had only just started in 1954,  hence there are hardly any VHF54's to be found.  This example is cosmetically is all nice and original,  there a few little marks here and there on the woodwork but nothing serious at all.   The logo transfer on top is perfect.  Much like the AC34 externally,  bar the extra shiny knob bights.  Internally though it is quite different,  using the E80 series of valves and as this was Bushes first effort at VHF,  some odd IF frequency transformers.  Actually they were taken from a TV design of the time!    Anyway it all works very well and has lovely rich audio on all bands.   Excellent all rounder with a nice bright magic eye,
Frequency Coverage :- MW / LW / VHF FM
Antenna - Internal aerials for all bands. 
Dimensions  20" wide 15" high, 7" deep
Price  £150   UK Delivery £13 Most of EU £35 GBP  Sorry it has gone too.  Sold

1950 Bush DAC90A (valve)
Everyone should have a DAC90A - possibly the perfect present for someone who has everything! A very popular vintage radio which is compact and easy to use. Simply plug it in, wait 45 seconds and tune in a station. No messing about with aerials or other wires, just try to keep it away from sources of interference. This example is in lovely condition, the Bakelite case has a deep glossy leaf patterned finish.   It is the slightly later version two model,  which only differs in trim terms.   This version  (there are about 5 different trim styles  -  all electrically identical) has an all yellow tuning dial.   Excellent condition with no chips or marks.   
Frequency Coverage LW/MW
Antenna - Internal frame.
Dimensions 12" wide, 9" high, 7" deep
Price £130 UK Delivery £13 Most of EU £35 GBP  Sold. 

1958 Bush VHF64   (valve) 
Bush's answer to Grundig with their top of the range,  and arguably the best Bush VHF radio made in it's day.  They pinched quite a few ideas from the Germans  -  so nothing new there,  but did it in the usual 50's Bush style.  The tone controls are very similar to what you would find on a Grundig 3D set,  with moving legends.  The thing that makes me smile though is if you take the back off,  have a look at the speakers and you'll see the electrostatic tweeter is made by guess who…. Grundig !   VHF64's are not common finds,  and this one is a good original example with hardly a mark on it.  As usual we have fully overhauled the chassis and replaced all those troublesome Hunts capacitors.   Fitted with a new magic eye this multi speaker Bush sounds superb on all bands.   
Frequency Coverage :- MW / LW / SW / VHF FM
Dimensions 23" wide, 14" high, 8" deep
Antenna -   various internal with sockets
Price £195 UK Delivery £18 Most of EU £45 GBP 
Sorry this one is sold.   

1954 Bush AC34 (Valve)
Here we have another one of the classic Bush 50's radios,  this is one of their best AM models.  It is well designed, easy to work on and performs well. The large elliptical speaker does a good job. Cabinet wise this one is very good, factory original with a perfect Bush transfer on top. The birds eye maple trim really finishes off the front panel with a touch of class. It has an internal frame aerial which works very well on LW and MW and the stronger SW stations, you need a simple wire aerial to get the most out of short wave. Excellent build and sound quality.  One of my personal favourites  (if that means anything!)
Frequency Coverage :- MW / LW / SW
Antenna - internal frame with sockets.
Dimensions 20" wide, 16" high, 8" deep
Price £135 UK Delivery £13 Most of EU £28 GBP  Sold.

1975 Roberts R505   (transistor) 
I am pleased to report we have three examples of the very practical R505 from Roberts to offer you this time around.   A typical 1970's mid brown version,  one in black and the obligatory red Roberts.  They are the perfect radio for the kitchen or caravan,  with good VHF FM coverage and sound quality from it's medium sized cabinet.  Fully overhauled and ready for use.     Also has the benefit of a socket on the back for use with a negative centre pin 9V AC power adaptor  (we will supply a good quality linear mains type for an additional £10)
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod
Batteries  -  1 of PP9  9V
Frequency coverage   -  LW / MW / VHF FM
Dimensions 10" wide, 6" high, 3" deep
Price £60 each   UK Delivery £10   Most of EU £25 GBP
Sorry all 3 sold now. 

1959/60 Bush TR82C/B/D   (Transistor)
We have several  in stock,  the one pictured here is a TR82C.  As they make such good Christmas presents they will be prepared to order.   Let us know if you are after one and I will pick the best one out for you.    The real thing,  not a repro!
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod with sockets.
Batteries  -  1 of PP9  9V
Frequency coverage   -  LW / MW
Dimensions 13" wide, 9" high, 3" deep
Price £65  -  £95 depending on model  (£95 is the VHF VTR103 version)     
UK Delivery £12   Most of EU £22  -  £35  GBP    All gone for now.   

1955 Roberts R66  (valve mains portable)
Speaking of earlier valved Roberts portables,  here is one such thing.  A red one too at that which tends to make a difference to some.   Again in excellent overhauled order complete with a new set of valves.  Unlike many valve portables of that time this one also has an internal mains power supply so there is no need to mess about with 90V batteries.   Excellent audio and sensitivity,   the antenna is very directional on this model which means you will need to swivel the case about on its turntable to get best reception.    One final thing since taking the photos I have removed the little marks on the front grille.
Frequency Coverage :- MW / LW 
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod with socket
Batteries  -  use internal mains supply or 90V HT 1.5V LT
Dimensions 9" wide, 7" high, 5" deep
Price £95  UK Delivery £10   Most of EU £25 GBP  Sorry this is sold.

1969 Hacker Sovereign 2 RP25  (transistor)
Regarded as even better in many respects than the RP18 Sovereign this mark two version uses more silicon transistors and has an improved VHF stage.  Not that there was much wrong with the old version!   Styling is much the same apart from the colourful dial made way for a clearer printed scheme with larger control buttons.  Again in tip top condition,  finished in RAF blue.  Very sensitive,  built like the proverbial tank!   One of the best.
Frequency Coverage  LW/ MW/VHF FM
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod  / telescopic with sockets
Batteries  -  2 of PP9  9V
Dimensions 12" wide, 9" high, 5" deep
Price £105   UK Delivery £10   Most of EU £25 GBP  Sold.   

1937 Pilot U355 (Valve)
Pilot made some nice looking wireless sets fitted in heavy good quality wooden cabinets. This is one of them  -   the U suffix does not mean Universal,  it does have a proper AC mains transformer just in case you are not familiar with Pilot thinking.   Yes they as far as I know were the only company to do that.    The clock face dial is particularly ornate and has each relevant section illuminated depending on what band is selected.  Good sensitivity  and plenty of proper valve audio on tap.   Have a look at the pictures for more.
Frequency Coverage  MW, LW and SW 
Antenna -  wire needed   (supplied)
Dimensions 21" wide, 12" high, 9" deep
Price £250 UK Delivery £13   Most of EU £38 GBP
Sorry this is sold.

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