This selection of vintage radio sets are for people who want to have a go at a DIY restoration.  We check them all  for obvious faults, and completeness.  A full description is given for each set,  together with a difficulty rating, so you should have a good idea what is required before you purchase an item. Where we have the service data,  it is included with the radio free of charge.   If you would like more details about a set,  then please feel free to telephone or email us.

If there is a radio here that you would like,  but you feel that you would not be able to do some or all of the work required,  a price is quoted for us to do a full guaranteed overhaul.  If there is a specific part of the restoration that you would like us to do such as the electronics side of things this is fine too,  just email or telephone us to discuss your requirements.  We are very flexible and will work to your requirements.

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You should not expect the restoration projects to work correctly as purchased, repairs may be required before it is safe to connect them to the mains supply.

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1960's / late 50's Clarke & Smith Receiver / Amp SB/4 (valve)
If you are about my age or a bit older you may well remember seeing something like this in your old school.   It is a utility style radio,  with switch tuning for listening to "schools programs" or similar.   Built to a very high standard this has a lovely push pull EL41 amplifier stage in it,  fed via an ECC83 phase splitter / pre-amp.   You need to have a look at the chassis photos to see just  how well engineered this item it.   The case is sturdy oak which is much better state than it appears in the photos   (I made the mistake of giving it a clean before taking the pictures and bit of a scratch on the front soaked up the liquid making that mark.   It's faded now).  What it needs is some wax polish!    You might want to make use of this more as an amplifier  -  it should sound pretty good.    Something to mess with if nothing else.  The tuning is by adjustable preset control.  A bit like the venerable Bush DAC10.  Seems to be working well and had its last safety test a decade ago. 
Frequency Coverage :- MW / LW presets
Dimensions 16" wide, 8" high, 10" deep
Antenna -  internal with sockets for antenna input and lots of aux audio options.
Price £60 UK Delivery £14  EU etc ask

1950 KB FB10 "Toaster"   (valve)   
Classic mini valve radio design that needs no introduction.   All  as found in what looks like original electronic condition inside.   The negative bit is a crack on the rear of the case (see photo).  It will glue back together ok and certainly not get any worse.    The chassis are fairly cramped on this model but thankfully KB used an autotransformer instead of the usual dropper resistor to get rid of the excess volts in the heater chain.  Hence they run a good deal cooler for a valve radio of such small proportions.     All other bits look fine as does the dial glass.    Going cheap.
Antenna - internal frame type with socket
Dimensions 9" wide, 7" high, 5" deep
Price now £25   UK Delivery £13  EU etc ask

1951 Bush DAC10  (valve)
Good stuff for restoration.  Only one snag to report and that is some wear to the tuning dial glass.   Looks like someone has attempted to clean it and then thought better of the paint removal process that they carried out!  Good cabinet all round,  no cracks or chips in the Bakelite.   

Frequency Coverage :- MW / LW
Antenna - internal frame type 
Dimensions 12" wide, 9" high, 8" deep
Price now £35   UK Delivery £14  EU etc ask

C1972 Grundig Music Boy  (transistor)
Mid range offering from Grundig,  this model has the same innards as the well though of "Elite Boy" model.  All band with the potential for excellent, HiFi audio from this compact radio.  It's all clean and tidy, the often damaged telescopic antenna has survived all ok.  Have a look at the pictures for more.   
Frequency Coverage  MW / LW / SW and VHF FM
Antenna -   ferrite rod / telescopic / antenna sockets
Batteries 1 of 9V PP9
Dimensions 11" wide, 7" high and 3" deep

Price £22    UK Delivery £9  EU etc ask

C1969 Marconi 4170   (transistor)
Has one or two minor dings in the grille to pop out,  needs a good clean.  This was one of the better quality Marconi radios of the time.   All band.
Frequency Coverage  MW / LW / SW / VHF FM
Antenna -   Ferrite rod + telescopic and sockets
1 of 9V PP9 type

Price £18    UK Delivery £10  EU etc ask

1953 Invicta 96   (valve) 
Mains or battery operation in a two tone green cabinet.  The only thing we do not have is the mains plug / lead for it  -  I am sure you can sort something out to fit or replace this.  VGC throughout and completely original.   Invicta radios were all well put together,  some were in house and others very similar to Pye radios of the time.  Nice looking portable with a built in power supply.   
Frequency Coverage  MW / LW
Antenna -   frame type in lid
Has built in AC mains power supply or use 90V HT and 1.5V LT

Price £25    UK Delivery £10  EU etc ask

C1955 EverReady Sky Queen   (valve)
Later version of the model with a completely revised cabinet and chassis.  This looks to have been overhauled previously and the plug in capacitor modules have been replaced  -  looks to have been well done using our old favourite  veroboard.   Well you can get away with that on a 90V HT set.  Good cabinet,  handle is starting to crack in the middle and is a bit on the weak side  -  needs strengthening up a little. 
Frequency Coverage  MW / LW
Antenna -   frame type
Batteries  -  90V HT and 1.5V LT

Price £20    UK Delivery £12  EU etc ask

1964 Bush TR82CL   (transistor)
Classic Bush transistor radio,  this one is the Luxembourg version.   For restoration, completely original,  a bit dirty and has a chip out of the rear cover.   
Frequency Coverage  MW / LW / 208 Lux Preset
Antenna -   ferrite rod with sockets
Batteries  -  single 9V PP9

Price £24    UK Delivery £12  EU etc ask

1959/60 Bush TR82B  (transistor)
Early oc series version,  completely original and in need of a good clean.  No damage.   
Frequency Coverage  MW / LW
Antenna -   ferrite rod with sockets
Batteries  -  single 9V PP9

Price £24    UK Delivery £12  EU etc ask

1959/60 Bush TR82B  (transistor)
Another one,  this time with a well chewed back panel.  The front looks good though! 
Frequency Coverage  MW / LW
Antenna -   ferrite rod with sockets
Batteries  -  single 9V PP9

Price £18    UK Delivery £12  EU etc ask

C1947 Marconi T10A   (valve)
Plenty of fluff and dust insulation included,  you get a sturdy Bakelite case and chassis.   Needs a good polish and I expect the chassis will need the usual capacitor replacements.  Looks to be nice and original inside and out.  The cloth is getting a bit thread bare in places. 
Frequency Coverage  MW / LW /SW
Antenna -   simple wire required. 
Dimensions 16" wide, 12" high and 9" deep

Price now £30   (£195 overhauled)    UK Delivery £14  EU etc ask

1946 Bush DAC90?  AC Version.  NOT AC91  -  (valve)
This is an oddball Bush.   Could be a factory prototype  or one that was heavily modified for a project.    It has a mains transformer,  SW coverage.  A hand scribed / modified glass tuning dial with the SW band added  (neatly by what would appear to be a draftsman's hand). The tuning gang is considerably different from the norm,  it has a three position wave change switch.   The only bit that is not so great is the back panel,  but it does its job adequately.    The other thing I ought to mention is that it actually works!   So what is it  -  an early effort of the export version,  a mock up in an electronics workshop.   It does look a bit like the export model.   Black cabinet,  early smooth knob trim.  Have a look.     
Frequency Coverage :- MW / LW /SW
Antenna -   simple wire required.
Dimensions 12" wide, 9" high, 7" deep
Price now £35  UK Delivery £14  EU etc ask

1942 War Time Civilian Receiver.
Original condition / cabinet finish.  Has not been messed about with or varnished.  Lots of cobwebs  -  a relic well worth saving. 
Frequency Coverage  MW
Antenna -   simple wire needed
Dimensions 12" wide, 13" high and 7" deep

Price now £35    (£225 overhauled)    UK Delivery £14  EU etc ask

1959 Ultra 101   (transistor) 
Here we have an early Ultra transistor radio,  looks to be all ok apart from some messing about around the volume control.   Someone has started to fit a replacement but not finished the job off.  A mystery to be solved.   Otherwise in good shape.   
Frequency Coverage  MW /LW
Antenna -   Ferrite rod with socket
Dimensions 12" wide, 8" high and 4" deep

Price £15    UK Delivery £9   EU etc ask

C1951 Vidor CN420   (valve) 
Larger cased but slim line cabinet styling in this "blokes" attaché battery portable.   We have a few of them available in this model,  all similar condition  -  which is good (all original).   Plenty of room in here to make up battery packs from 10 PP3's and a couple of D cells for the LT supply.    Good fun,  well made and not overly expensive.   
Frequency Coverage  MW /LW
Antenna -   internal frame
Dimensions 14" wide, 9" high and 4" deep  (closed)
Battery  needs 90V HT and 1.5V LT.   Make up packs etc. 

Price £25  (call overhauled)     UK Delivery £10   EU etc ask

1958 Bush VHF90   (valve)
Some folk think they are great,  others think they have too many hunts capacitors in them.   Personally as long as the wave change switch is in good shape (this one is) then I am in the "great" camp.  About the size of the proverbial Bush DAC90 with the added bonus of good VHF FM coverage and performance.  This one is working quite well as is and needs little more than a bit of a service and maybe the odd capacitor replacing.   There is however a snag,  and that is the case has a long crack in it,  down at the bottom corner edge.  See the picture.   Looks good from the front though and this certainly could be tidied up even more.   
Frequency Coverage :- MW / VHF FM 

Dimensions 12" wide, 10" high, 7" deep
Restoration Difficulty   1.5   -  moderate
Antenna -  internal with sockets
Price reduced to £35    UK Delivery £14   EU etc ask

1946 Amplion ADP1  (Valve)
In the 1940's Amplion were more into making public address systems and amplifiers than radios,  but they did put out a few domestic wireless products.  This dry battery portable radio appears to be original and has as an added bonus a genuine vintage battery eliminator power supply installed.   All in good shape really and it certainly looks the part.   Pleased to get this decent project on the website.  Tempted?     
Frequency Coverage :- MW / LW
Antenna - internal frame type
Batteries 90/1.5V  or use the power supply (once overhauled) to run it.
Dimensions 14" wide, 10" high, 8" deep
Restoration Difficulty  1.5 -  intermediate
Price  £35    UK Delivery £14   EU etc ask.

C1968/70 Fidelity RAD22   (transistor)
Suitably futuristic finned cabinet design  -   I really like this one.   We don't often see them in one piece and the 22 is a particularly interesting piece of work.   Made in England.   No damage to report.
Frequency Coverage  MW /LW /BS
Antenna -   Ferrite rod with socket
Dimensions 12" wide, 8" high and 3.5" deep
Batteries   1 of 9V PP9

Price now £12    UK Delivery £9   EU etc ask

C1967 HMV 2174  (transistor)
More attractive plastic!  This time with VHF FM coverage.  No damage.
Frequency Coverage  MW /LW /BS
Antenna -   Ferrite rod with socket and telescopic whip
Dimensions 12" wide, 6" high and 3" deep

Price now  £12    UK Delivery £9   EU etc ask

C1960 HMV 2104   (transistor)
Here is a radio that I can't ever remember having for sale in the past  -  a proper early HMV transistor.    All well preserved and has been dry stored for decades before arriving here.   Looks good in green. 

Frequency Coverage  MW/LW
Antenna -   Ferrite rod with socket
Batteries 1 of 9V PP9
Dimensions 12" wide 9" high and 4" deep

Price now  £17    UK Delivery £10   EU etc ask

1949 Murphy B143  (valve) 
This is a strange looking beast.  Combining crackle finish metal work and Bakelite end panels Murphy made this battery valve portable designed to be tough,  rather than pretty.    Shopping bag sized rather than handbag ! This example is in good order throughout,   and has ample room inside for you to hide a power supply should you wish.    Needs a good clean...
Frequency Coverage :- MW / LW
Antenna - internal
Dimensions 14" wide, 17" high, 7" deep   
Restoration Difficulty  1.5 intermediate.
Batteries 90V HT 1.5V LT 
Price  £35    UK Delivery £14    EU etc ask. 

Late 60's / 70's Realistic Radio Shack Tandy Astronaut 4
Worth including I think,  this is a cheerful little Korean made radio  with excellent Short wave coverage and a space / Apollo theme to the layout.  In a perfectly preserved cosmetic state and it operates from  mains or battery.   No damage and a colourful tuning dial.  Covers 4 to 22 MHz in 3 SW ranges.   Also has the original earpiece still in it's packed inside the case. 
Frequency Coverage  MW/3 short wave ranges
Antenna -   Ferrite rod / telescopic with sockets
Batteries 4 C cells or use internal mains PSU
Dimensions 9" wide 7" high and 4" deep

Price now  £15    UK Delivery £8   EU etc ask

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