This selection of vintage radio sets are for people who want to have a go at a DIY restoration.  We check them all  for obvious faults, and completeness.  A full description is given for each set,  together with a difficulty rating, so you should have a good idea what is required before you purchase an item. Where we have the service data,  it is included with the radio free of charge.   If you would like more details about a set,  then please feel free to telephone or email us.

If there is a radio here that you would like,  but you feel that you would not be able to do some or all of the work required,  a price is quoted for us to do a full guaranteed overhaul.  If there is a specific part of the restoration that you would like us to do such as the electronics side of things this is fine too,  just email or telephone us to discuss your requirements.  We are very flexible and will work to your requirements.

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You should not expect the restoration projects to work correctly as purchased, repairs may be required before it is safe to connect them to the mains supply.

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There can be  significant savings on delivery costs when you purchase more than one item on the same order.  Overseas customers please contact for a quote, the EU prices are only intended as a rough guide.

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1954 Bush AC34   (valve)
Here we have a nice original looking Bush AC34 woody wireless for you to overhaul.  Plenty of fluff and dust with a decent cabinet.    There are some wear marks on the finish at the edges and some light scratches but basically it is ok.   Plenty of scratch cover and a buff up will sort this out.    The AC34 is one of my favourites to work on,  it's a bit like the VW Beetle of radios.  You can get the "engine" out with only two set screws and a few clips.  Everything is easy to get at and all makes sense.   Good project. 
Frequency Coverage :- MW / LW / SW
Antenna - internal frame with sockets. 
Dimensions 20" wide, 16" high, 8" deep
Restoration Difficulty 1 - easy
Price  £28   (£145 overhauled and polished up)  UK Delivery £14

1954 Vidor CN429  (valve dry battery 90V)
Here we have another one.   Finished in red,  fake snake.  Somewhere down this web page there should also be some mock croc.   All going on here….    Good original condition. 
Frequency Coverage :- MW / LW
Dimensions 8" wide, 8" high, 4" deep
Antenna -  internal plate aerial.
Restoration Difficulty 1.5 intermediate
Batteries 90V ht 1.5V lt
Price  £30  (£call overhauled)  UK Delivery £10  Most of EU £20 - £36

1952 Cossor 501AC Melody Maker
It's a Bakelite Cossor.  They come in either Bakelite or walnut veneer.   Just as we like them this is original complete with plenty of fluff.  The case is in very good shape,  no damage and for once the front panel is straight.  They often warp or crack due to sun damage on the front trim surround panel.   The only thing really that is dirty is the speaker cloth and I think this will clean up ok.  It is a sort of plastic woven material which will clean with foam spray or some washing powder and cold water.  You must of course remove the speaker before doing this!   This is the later chassis with the better valve line up and more reliably bases.   The early ones had short pin loctal types which at best were a pain in the ….     All bits present and correct.
Frequency Coverage :- LW / MW /  SW
Antenna -  internal with sockets
Restoration Difficulty   1  -  easy
Dimensions 17" wide, 11" high,  8" deep.
Price £40   (£135 overhauled) UK Delivery £14  Most of EU £25 - £36
Sorry this is sold

C1965 Murphy B815 Transistor 8 
This is quite an interesting Murphy transistor set which has survived apart from a couple of cracks and chips on the top rear edge of the tuning dial surround.  Shame as the rest of it is in really good condition.   They are not the most substantial engineering effort but a but good one, properly aligned has the sound quality not too far of Hacker Herald territory.   Like all things mid 60's expect the AF117's to be in their, lurking, waiting to grow tin whiskers.  Or you may be lucky.    The rubber straps that retain the batteries are like new on this example. 
Frequency Coverage  LW/MW
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod  with a socket
Batteries  -  2   PP9 9V
Dimensions 12" wide, 7" high, 4" deep
Price £14   (£70 overhauled)   UK delivery £10   Most of EU £22  -  £32 GBP

1966 Roberts R303  (transistor)
Here we have another quite respectable looking R303 for you to restore.   It is working reasonably well already which is always a good start.  For some unknown reason the internal fixing strips of wood,  that hold the chassis in place with a screw are missing.  Easy to make up some replacements,  they literally are little bits of wood!  Good case and strap. 
Frequency Coverage LW and MW 
Antenna - internal ferrite etc with sockets.
Dimensions 10" wide 6" high, 3" deep
Batteries 1 9V PP9 type.
Price  £16  (£75 overhauled)  UK Delivery £8  Most of EU £22 - £36

1966 Roberts R303  (transistor)
Same as above,  this time in black.  Nice straight example. If you want the pair of R303 the total postage would be just £10 
Frequency Coverage LW and MW 
Antenna - internal ferrite etc with sockets.
Dimensions 10" wide 6" high, 3" deep
Batteries 1 9V PP9 type.
Price  £18  (£75 overhauled)  UK Delivery £8  Most of EU £22 - £36

C1955 Ever Ready Sky Countess   (valve)
All good and original with a clean cabinet.   Only thing I can spot are two missing screws to fix the chassis into the cabinet,  and bit of the covering material needs sticking back down on the inside of the lift up lid.  Very good.     
Frequency Coverage :- MW / LW
Dimensions 8" wide, 8" high, 4" deep
Antenna -  internal ferrite rod.
Restoration Difficulty 1.5 intermediate
Batteries 90V ht 1.5V lt
Price  £25  (£call overhauled)  UK Delivery £10  Most of EU £20 - £36

C1970 Dansette Diplomat  JR96  (transistor)
A quirky looking radio from Dansette that was made for them in Japan.   I can't say one of this type has ever graced the pages of this website before which must mean we have a medium rare one here!   For dansette collector no doubt.   
Frequency Coverage :- LW / MW
Antenna -  internals with sockets. 
Restoration Difficulty   1 easy
Batteries   4 C cells
Price  £12  (£42 overhauled)  UK Delivery £8  Sorry this is sold.

C1970  Ferguson Caravelle 3156   (transistor)
Well this has survived in remarkably good condition,  the case and chrome are all good.  There is a smidge of wear on one of the knobs but nothing much else to report.   Works reasonably well as found, on all bands.  Being the later version this one is silicon transistors so no AF116's to replace.   It's a bit crackly but you can hear the audio is good on VHF. 

Coverage :- LW / MW / SW / VHF FM
Dimensions 12" wide, 6" high, 3.5" deep
Antenna -  ferrite rod / whip with sockets
Batteries   single 9V PP9
Restoration Difficulty  1.5 intermediate. 
Price  £24 (£85 overhauled)  UK Delivery £10  Most of EU Most of EU £22 - £36)

1962 Ferguson 3120  (transistor)
Another nice,  slightly older Ferguson radio,  commonly known as the "bookend" model.  The bookend unfortunately has lost some of it's brass effect paintwork which needs a re-spray and there is a bit of a battery leak on the bottom but it does not look bad inside.   However the all important brass telescopic antenna has survived and the rest of the cabinet is clean and tidy.  Good dial too.    Not a common radio and worth spending some time and effort restoring.  A good project. 

Coverage :- LW / MW / 2 SW ranges
Dimensions 9" wide, 5" high, 2" deep
Antenna -  ferrite rod / whip with sockets
Batteries   4 C cell 1.5V type
Restoration Difficulty  1.5 intermediate. 
Price  £18  UK Delivery £9  Most of EU Most of EU £22 - £36)

1959/60 Roberts RT7  (transistor) 
Ancient offering from Roberts.  The cabinet is in good condition too,  it's the tan version of the RT7.  I don't know about other Roberts collectors but this model and the RT8 too seem very hard to find.   Surprising really as quite a lot were manufactured.  Electrically it's similar to the RT1 using the same 6V power source.  But it has a much larger speaker fitted inside the upright standing case.  The leather covering material on the handle is missing and one of the control knobs is wrong.   However the Rexene covering is very smart and tan is usually the dirtiest of all the Roberts colours.   They never seem to be clean,  this one is! 
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod with sockets
Batteries  -  Should be PP1 6V which is obsolete.  Suggest a 4 D cell conversion
Frequency coverage   -  LW / MW
Dimensions 12" wide, 10" high, 4.5" deep
Price  £22   UK Delivery £10  Most of EU Most of EU £22 - £36)

1986 Roberts RP26B  (transistor+IC)
In good all round condition,  not messed with.  No damage and working quite well on all bands.   Control pots need a clean.   Mains or battery,  a very popular radio which now that I write this I am not sure why I have not overhauled it already!   Grab it before I get bored one afternoon.     Takes a standard fig 8 mains lead.
Antenna - Internal ferrite and whip antenna.
Frequency Coverage   LW, MW and VHF FM by preset tuning control.

Batteries  -  6 of C cells 1.5V or internal mains power supply.
Dimensions 9.5" wide, 6" high, 3" deep
Price £30   (£65 overhauled)   UK Delivery £10   Most of EU £22  -  £36
Sorry this is sold.

1948 Pilot Little Maestro   (Valve)
OK this one has been got at.  The speaker is missing,  there is no back.   However the cabinet is superb,  I doubt you will find an original Pilot cabinet in this sort of condition.  As is the dial and general trim.   So what I am thinking is this,  do you have a grotty LM that you could use this to make a perfect example of this classic wireless?   Got to be worth a look.   
Frequency Coverage :- LW / MW
Antenna -  attached throw out wire,  you can make it longer if required. 
Dimensions 12" wide, 7" high,  6" deep.
Price £20    UK Delivery £10   Sorry this is sold.

1941 Philips 203U Luftwaffe personal receiver
This is a rare thing.  Rare because well to be blunt the RAF blew up most of the final production run of this radio amongst other things during a bombing raid in 1942/3   There are interesting articles out there on the internet to read about this so I won't go on about it now.   I bought this set about 20 years back on a holiday trip in the Czech Republic,  we were out and about exploring off the track down in the south of the country when we came across a junk shop of sorts.  Well this came home in the VW camper van along with many other radios,  I was in trouble that trip I can tell you!   Since then other than being used for display and making a radio program or two it has not been touched,  it is exactly as I found it.  This radio is the original Philips Philletta set,  but what makes it so special is that during WW2 and indeed before the war in Germany short wave radio was forbidden to the masses and the Nazis made great efforts to confiscate radios with SW coverage,  or remove the SW tuning coils.   This radio however has good SW and MW coverage.  The reason being it was supposedly made for Luftwaffe officers to be able to listen in to aircraft communications.  They were also sent out to more distant airfields which is why maybe it ended up in the then Czechoslovakia.   Anyway all of this is conjecture but it certainly is a good talking point.   Have a look at the picture of the chassis,  you can clearly see a swastika and eagle stamped on the back.  There will be more of this lurking under the chassis as paranoia insisted everything should be stamped and signed for. 

Radio wise all is present and correct and in good order, the Bakelite case has no damage,  it is just in need of a decent polish.     The rear cover panel is an insulated metal type which also doubles up as a simple plate antenna.   What a piece of history,  I bet you will not see another one like this.

Frequency Coverage :- MW/SW
Antenna -  plate antenna with socket for wire. 
Dimensions 9.5" wide, 6" high,  5" deep.
Price £150    UK Delivery £12   Most of EU £22  -  £36

Sorry this is sold.

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