This selection of vintage radio sets are for people who want to have a go at a DIY restoration.  We check them all  for obvious faults, and completeness.  A full description is given for each set,  together with a difficulty rating, so you should have a good idea what is required before you purchase an item. Where we have the service data,  it is included with the radio free of charge.   If you would like more details about a set,  then please feel free to telephone or email us.

If there is a radio here that you would like,  but you feel that you would not be able to do some or all of the work required,  a price is quoted for us to do a full guaranteed overhaul.  If there is a specific part of the restoration that you would like us to do such as the electronics side of things this is fine too,  just email or telephone us to discuss your requirements.  We are very flexible and will work to your requirements.

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You should not expect the restoration projects to work correctly as purchased, repairs may be required before it is safe to connect them to the mains supply.

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1932/33 Philco 16B    (valves, many of them) 
How about a genuine tombstone wireless for your entertainment.   It's all original and is a British Philco model  so has the correct mains transformer for 240V AC.   Eleven valves in total  -  must be some kind of early superhet.   The good news is though that it has not been messed with and is actually in pretty good nick.   There are some marks on the case and a bit of light dusty corrosion on the steel chassis but all the proper "gubbins" are there.    The dial is ok, as is the speaker cloth.  There is a bit of a ding on the wood fret work attached to the front panel, I think once this has been all cleaned up and polished it will look very presentable.  Not a project for a beginner but one that will take some time and effort.   A proper wireless,  when was the last time you spotted one like this for sale?

Frequency Coverage :- MW / LW
Antenna -  simple wire needed. 
Dimensions  16" wide 19" high, 12" deep at base
Price £80   UK Delivery £18  (large parcel)   EU etc ask
Sorry this one is sold.   To be collected thankfully…   

1951 Murphy 192   (valve)
This Murphoid is all nice and original,  it is a pity about the little bit of damage to the front grille,  I suppose it could have been worse as this bit is painted.  Hence should you want to repair it you could make up the missing chunk with car body filler and then re-spray the cream which of course will cover any other paint chips.   Everything else is good  -  the dial is particularly colourful on this example. 

Frequency Coverage :- MW / LW / SW
Antenna -  simple wire needed
Dimensions  14" wide 9.5" high, 7.5" deep at base
Price reduced to £25  (£150  overhauled)   UK Delivery £14  EU etc ask

C1962 Baird 244  (transistor)
At first glance I thought that this was a battery valve portable,  given the dimensions of the case and the fact that it is the first time we have ever had this Baird radio available to offer you.  Upon opening it up though those familiar "cold cathode" beasties are lurking on the PCB.  Can't say I have ever seen another one.   It's a lovely old thing,  in green, beige and a touch of gold.   No damage,  it's survived remarkably well.  It uses a sensible battery and I reckon given the speaker in here it ought to sound good on MW.     

Frequency Coverage :- MW / LW
Antenna -  ferrite rod with socket on side
Dimensions  10" wide 6" high, 4" deep at base
Battery    -  single 9V PP9

Price £22    UK Delivery £10  EU etc ask

1976 Roberts RM20  (transistor)
A solid lump of teak wood is what they made the case out of.  Almost indestructible,  and a good little mains radio too.  When switched on the dial is illuminated in a nice 1970's green way.  You will like it.  The circuit is much the same as a Roberts Rambler,  with an improved output stage and mains power supply.     Just think when this came out Dancing Queen was number one and the sun was out.  A lot.  Remember that?   
Antenna - internal ferrite rod.
Restoration Difficulty 1  -  easy
Dimensions  8" wide 4" high, 4" deep
Price £20   (£70 overhauled)     UK Delivery £10  EU etc ask

1960 Perdio PR22  (transistor)
Styled like a valve radio,  this Perdio has survived in excellent condition.   Can't say we have ever had one to offer in the past and given it was last century when we started this lark they can't be too many of them in existence.   The cabinet has a deep gloss finish.   Being an early model the transistor line up is the ever so reliable OC series.   Good stuff. 
Frequency Coverage :- MW / LW
Antenna -  internal ferrite with sockets
Dimensions  16" wide 9" high, 6" deep
Batteries  2 4.5V packs

Price now £20  (£120  overhauled)   UK Delivery £12  EU etc ask

1960 Perdio PR22  No 2   (transistor)
You know what I just said about not having another one on the website in the past,   well from the new stock that just arrived I have another one.   Not quite as good condition,  it has a holy cloth for starters...
Frequency Coverage :- MW / LW
Antenna -  internal ferrite with sockets
Dimensions  16" wide 9" high, 6" deep
Batteries 2 4.5V packs

Price now £15   UK Delivery £12  EU etc ask

1957 Ferguson 382U   (valve) 
Not a great deal to tell you here,  this Fergy is in very good condition throughout,  just in the way we like them for restoration.  No damage,  completely original and no signs of abuse.  Includes plenty of delightful fluff on the chassis.   Has the bonus of VHF coverage and a decent Bakelite case. 
Frequency Coverage  LW, MW and VHF FM
Antenna -  Ferrite rod (with direction control) for AM,  dipole for VHF 
Dimensions 16" wide, 13" high, 7" deep.
Restoration Difficulty 1.5  -  intermediate.   
Price now £30  (£140 overhauled)   UK Delivery £14  EU etc ask

C1952 Ferranti 745  (valve)
A nice woody Ferranti built in an interesting shaped cabinet.   The top panel needs a bit of tlc as the lacquer is peeling.  Refinishing should not be too much of a chore,  the rest of it is pretty good.   No signs of messing inside,  its all original.   AC/DC series heater chassis. 
Frequency Coverage  LW, MW and SW
Antenna -  simple wire needed
Dimensions 17" wide, 13" high, 8" deep.
Price now £25   (£125 overhauled)   UK Delivery £14  EU etc ask

C1970 Marconi 4156  (transistor)
All band portable,  clean and tidy apart from some damage on one corner.  See the pictures.   This is one of the higher quality Marconi portables of the time.   
Frequency Coverage  LW, MW, VHF FM and SW
Antenna -   internal with sockets + telescopic
Dimensions 14" wide, 7" high, 4" deep.
Battery 1 of 9V PP9 type

Price £15  UK Delivery £10  EU etc ask

C1962  Dynatron Jewel Mk1  (transistor)
Not many Dynatron radios like this about now,  here we have a well preserved Jewel model,  in a respectable two tone grey finish.  All original and untouched,  the only fault to report being a bit of flaky paint at the edges of the tuning dial.
Frequency Coverage :- MW / LW
Antenna - internal ferrite rod with sockets
Batteries  1 PP9 9V
Dimensions 10" wide, 6" high  4" deep
Price £20  (£75 overhauled) UK Delivery £10  EU etc ask.

C1959 Pye Q7   (transistor) 
Ancient Pye transistor radio,  there are not too many of these left in one original piece.   Plenty of cleaning required and the only real cosmetic fault to report is that the plastic handle has started to crack.  Uses a single 9V PP9 battery.  The chassis looks to be in good shape.   
Frequency Coverage  LW, MW
Antenna -   internal
Dimensions 11" wide, 8" high, 3.5" deep.

Price £15  UK Delivery £10  EU etc ask

C1966 Fidelity Fairline   (transistor)
Attractive, compact 60's offering from Fidelity,  apart from a small ding in the grille  (which will pop out) it is all good.  Not a common model to find  -  we have a good selection in at the moment!   Blue and cream.
Frequency Coverage  LW, MW, SW
Antenna -   internal with whip for SW
Dimensions 12" wide, 8" high, 3" deep.

Price £15  UK Delivery £10  EU etc ask

C1964 Sony TR1000    (transistor)
It is nice to have some different  stuff to offer you all this time around.  Here we have one of the classic Sony portables.  Pretty much good all round apart from a small hairline crack in one corner of the dial  (see picture).  Everything else looks to be ok,  the battery compartment is clean and tidy.  Has the potential to be a really presentable early Sony radio.   They don't make them like this anymore!
Frequency Coverage  3 short wave ranges and MW
Antenna -   internal / telescopic / sockets
Batteries 4 D cells

Price now £25    UK Delivery £10  EU etc ask

C1963 Sony TFM951B   (transistor)
Another early Sony portable,  this time with 9 transistors and a well styled cabinet.  Does not look to have been messed with,  there are a few small scratches on the soft plastic side panels and a small chip out of the bottom corner.  Can't find anything else to moan about here  -  I think it looks a lot like a B&O product from the same time period.
Frequency Coverage  MW/SW/ VHF FM
Antenna -   internal / telescopic / sockets
Dimensions 10" wide, 7" high, 4" deep.

Price now £20    UK Delivery £10  EU etc ask

Late 60's Hitachi WH837   (transistor)
A baby Japanese portable radio with a seriously large carry handle!  I think the idea being you can use it as a foot to have the radio speaker up.  All preserved well  -  can't be too many like this about.   
Frequency Coverage  MW/LW/ SW
Antenna -   internal / telescopic / sockets
Dimensions 8" wide, 5" high, 2.75" deep.

Price £14    UK Delivery £6  EU etc ask

C1950 Regentone A133  (valve)
Complete with heaps of fluff this all original Regentone has survived very well.   For a change the cabinet is quite tidy,  not the usual beat up woody wireless that has been in a garden shed for 50 years.   Uses the loctal series of valves which were a relatively short lived style between the old Octal and then all glass miniature jobs.    Worth a look.
Frequency Coverage  MW/LW/ SW
Antenna -   simple wire needed
Dimensions 19" wide, 14" high, 7" deep.

Price £25   (£130 overhauled)   UK Delivery £14   EU etc ask

1949 Ever Ready All Dry 14  (valve) 
Needs a good clean, this all original battery valve portable is one of the larger types   -  more of a briefcase size radio than an attaché portable.   There is certainly plenty of room to fit in a home made battery pack.   All you need are 10 9V PP3's and a couple of parallel wired D cells and you have a battery valve portable.  There is room for your sandwiches too! 
Frequency Coverage  LW, MW
Antenna -  internal frame
Dimensions 14" wide, 106" high, 3" deep    closed.
Batteries   90V HT and 1.5V LT

Price now £20      UK Delivery £10   EU etc ask

1970's Pye 1416  (transistor)
Good condition plastic radio,  has a bit of 70's style about it.  Mains or battery powered.    A smart little radio worth a service.
Frequency Coverage  MW / LW / VHF FM
Antenna -   ferrite rod + telescopic whip
Dimensions-- 10" wide, 6" high, 2.5" deep
Batteries C Cells  _+ internal mains power supply  (fig 8 cable)

Price £18      UK Delivery £7.00    EU etc ask

1968 Bush TR230    (transistor + IC) 
One of the first British radios to make use of the TAD100 radio integrated circuit or chip,  the TR230 is every bit as good performer as it's distinguished predecessor the TR130.    If anything they are slightly better.  Needs a good clean but has respectable chrome work underneath the grime. 
Frequency Coverage  MW / LW
Antenna -   ferrite rod
Batteries 1 of 9V PP9

Price £18     UK Delivery £9  EU etc ask

1958 Dynatron Nomad 
One of the very early transistor radios made in the UK,  most of this went into the development of the first Hacker Radio in 1960.  Think of this as an early indication of what the Herald RP10 would be in 1963.   In good shape bar the missing handle,  although the brass fittings are still attached to the cabinet sides.   All you need is a piece of red leather belt and off you go.  The originals were basically just that on this model. 
Frequency Coverage :- LW / MW
Dimensions 11" wide, 8" high, 4" deep
Antenna -  ferrite rods
Batteries   2 of PP9 9V
Price £22     UK Delivery £10  EU etc ask

1978 Roberts Rambler (transistor)
In black here we have the ever popular Rambler for you to restore.   Simple yet surprisingly a good performer with excellent low current battery requirements.  Needs a good clean. 
Frequency Coverage :- MW / LW 
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod with socket
Battery  PP9 9V
Price £14   UK Delivery £7  EU etc ask

C1970 HMV Diplomat  (transistor) 
HMV's answer to the high quality Hacker and Roberts portables of the time,  this must be their largest transistor model of that era.   In the past I have overhauled several for customers and they have sounded very respectable.   Obviously not that popular in their day as they seem to be quite rare portables.   This just needs a new grille panel for the back (try Screwfix in the UK)  it is a standard piece that is easy to get hold of.   Rest of the radio is in good condition.   
Frequency Coverage :- MW / LW / VHF FM
Antenna - internal ferrite rod with sockets and telescopic whip.
Batteries  2 PP9 9V
Dimensions  14" wide 8" high, 4" deep
Price £20   UK Delivery £10  EU etc ask

C1964 Decca TPW-70    (transistor) 
This is the wall mounted radio,  that looks a bit like a clock  -  one of many quirky designs that Decca came up with during the 1960's   It's all in pretty good original shape,  no damage and the red bits have not faded badly.   We have an equally good blue one available too for the same price,  again in this original condition  -  photos of this next time around.     
Frequency Coverage :- MW / LW
Antenna - internal ferrite rod etc.
Batteries  2 of  need to check type  (either 6 or 9V) 
Dimensions,   round  - about the same size as a standard wall clock
Price £25   UK Delivery £9  EU etc ask
Sorry both versions have gone.  Sold. 

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