This selection of vintage radio sets are for people who want to have a go at a DIY restoration.  We check them all  for obvious faults, and completeness.  A full description is given for each set,  together with a difficulty rating, so you should have a good idea what is required before you purchase an item. Where we have the service data,  it is included with the radio free of charge.   If you would like more details about a set,  then please feel free to telephone or email us.

If there is a radio here that you would like,  but you feel that you would not be able to do some or all of the work required,  a price is quoted for us to do a full guaranteed overhaul.  If there is a specific part of the restoration that you would like us to do such as the electronics side of things this is fine too,  just email or telephone us to discuss your requirements.  We are very flexible and will work to your requirements.

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You should not expect the restoration projects to work correctly as purchased, repairs may be required before it is safe to connect them to the mains supply.

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We now have two pages of restoration projects.  Click on the Roberts radio to go to page two,  where you will find more valve and lots of transistor vintage DIY radios. 

1952 Pye PE80 Cambridge International
Is this the ultimate Pye 9 valve short wave receiver ? It's certainly one of the grandest! With 9 short wave band spread ranges and full AM coverage this mighty beast of a radio is worth looking at if you have space to accommodate it.    All in good,  dusty original condition.  Really the only cosmetic fault to detail is the back panel which has for some reason is in two pieces.   The woodwork is good and only has minor scratches.  Likewise the top glass tuning plate is in good shape.  That glass plate is too big to be called a dial.    Quite often this glass panel gets damaged,  thankfully this one is fine.    It's a large and quite heavy beast of a radio which will need a good shelf or table to put it on.  Once overhauled  you can scare the neighbours with strange noises from far away lands at any time of the day or night with it.    Highly recommended! 
Frequency Coverage 9 SW band spreads,  LW and MW
Antenna -   simple wire needed
Dimensions 23" wide, 15" high, 10" deep at base
Restoration Difficulty  2 intermediate
Price £75   (£275  overhauled) UK Delivery £20 (special package required) 
Call for out of UK  -  not really suitable to ship outside the EU unless you want a massive bill!     
Sorry this one is sold.

1954 Murphy U198H
Most Murphy products were big heavy well made items.  Well they retained the well made bit for this design,  just squeezed it into a case about half the size of a Bush DAC90A.  This one is in good original condition,  with no sign of any messing or damage.  The chassis is the usual heavy painted steel type and it runs on the common U40 series of valves.   The tuning dial has seen better days,  some of the printing has come away from the glass but it still looks OK.   
Frequency Coverage :- LW / MW
Dimensions 9" wide, 7" high, 5" deep
Antenna -  simple wire needed.
Restoration Difficulty  1 easy
Price £22  (£120  overhauled) UK Delivery £14  Most of EU £25 - £36

1948 Ever Ready Personal "B"
One of the rarer ER offerings,  which contains basically the same chassis as the miniature P20B Marconi listed above.  Which is interesting  -  who made them I wonder?   Built in a slightly thinner yet longer,  black plastics case with a little more room for battery packs.  It's all in good shape apart from a bit of distortion on the bottom side of the case.     It's thermo plastic so if you do want to straighten it a gentle warm up with a hairdryer will help.   
Frequency Coverage :- MW / LW
Antenna - internal frame type
Batteries  68V HT 1.5V LT   
Dimensions 8.5" wide, 4.5" high, 2.5" deep  laid on it's back
Price  £35  (£call overhauled)   UK Delivery £12  Most of EU £22 - £36

1946 Ekco U76   
It must be a good few years since the last one like this turned up on our website.   One of the "classic" Bakelite radio models made just after the end of the war when radio production was back in full flow.   This example is all pretty much original and needs a good thorough clean and polish for starters.   Damage wise the cabinet is good however the two side control knobs are both cracked.   Which would benefit from a bit of tidying up and some brown wax polish to finish off.  Infact the cabinet is a bit faded and some brown finishing wax will help to put this right.   Worth a look at if you fancy something a bit different. 
Frequency Coverage :- LW / MW  / SW
Dimensions 14" wide, 8" high, 6" deep
Antenna -  internal frame type with sockets for SW long wire etc.
Restoration Difficulty  1.5 intermediate.
Price £30   UK Delivery £14  Most of EU £25 - £36  Sold.

C1942 War Time Civilian Receiver
Here is a good chance to get your hands on a nice condition war time utility civilian receiver.   The cabinet has been re-varnished and it is a bit on the glossy side however internally all looks very well indeed.  This does not appear to have been messed about with at all and has a decent rear panel.   There is a bit of a hole wearing in the original speaker cloth.  Not the usual tatty dug out of a collapsed coal shed object that turns up in auctions.  Good dial plate too.  A very worthy piece of history that will look great alongside your Spitfire.  If only...
Frequency Coverage :- MW and LW
Dimensions 12" wide, 13" high, 6" deep
Restoration Difficulty   1.5 intermediate.
Antenna -  simple wire antenna needed.   
Price  £58  (£150 overhauled)  UK Delivery £14  Most of EU £25 - £36
Sorry this one is sold.

1953 Roberts CR      (mains / battery portable)
Roberts Radio made several versions of this valve portable radio before they got stuck into the very lucrative market of transistor things towards the later part of the 1950's   CR models are not so common and this cream colour suits it well.   I suppose it is almost beige.  Nice and orignal, in good order bar some worm holes on the bottom right hand corner.    Must have been tasty -  a bit of a pain but you can at least fill them up with a suitable wax.  I have treated the cabinet as a precaution.   Have a good luck at the pictures.   
Frequency Coverage :- MW and LW
Dimensions 12" wide, 8" high, 6" deep
Batteries   90V HT   1.5v  LT  -  or use built in mains power supply.

Restoration Difficulty   1.5 intermediate.
Antenna -  simple wire antenna needed.   
Price  £32  (£125 overhauled)  UK Delivery £12  Most of EU £25 - £36

1951 Murphy 192
Another Murphy.  This time in Bakelite with a transformer based AC power supply.  This model has  a very colourful dial, which is especially nice when back lit.   A simple radio that will work well and run all day long once sorted out.    If you want me to be picky the front painted (cream) bit has some chips out of the paint.    Have a look at the pictures.    This makes a change from the usual DAC90A or Philips 310.    Good short wave performance with a suitable antenna wire plugged in. 
Frequency Coverage :- MW / LW / SW
Antenna -  simple wire needed
Dimensions  14" wide 9" high, 8" deep at base
Restoration Difficulty  1.5 intermediate. 

Price £35 
(£125 overhauled)   UK Delivery £14   Most of EU £28 - £38
Sorry this one is sold.

1946 Roberts P4D   Valve dry portable
The P4D pretty much got Roberts established in the portable radio market and what a find this one is.  Bar a tiny bit of paint flake on the top corner of the tuning dial back plate  the whole thing is near perfect.  For instance the chassis and components look like they literally just left the factory.  It is so clean and tidy.  Completely original and in A1 order.  Not many valve portables had Short Wave,  this one does.   Navy blue.    Suitable for all MG's!   
Frequency Coverage :- MW / LW /SW 
Antenna - internal frame with sockets for external aerials.
Restoration Difficulty 1.5 intermediate
Batteries 90V HT 1.5V LT or make a power supply to run from mains. 
Dimensions  12" wide 10" high, 7" deep
Price  £75  (£call overhauled) UK Delivery £14 Most of EU £22 - £36
Sorry this is sold. 

Wondering where all the transistor radio projects have gone?   We had to make some extra space  -  click the Roberts Radio to go to restoration projects page two.   Lots more valve and transistor goodies to be found here. 

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