This selection of vintage radio sets are for people who want to have a go at a DIY restoration.  We check them all  for obvious faults, and completeness.  A full description is given for each set,  together with a difficulty rating, so you should have a good idea what is required before you purchase an item. Where we have the service data,  it is included with the radio free of charge.   If you would like more details about a set,  then please feel free to telephone or email us.

If there is a radio here that you would like,  but you feel that you would not be able to do some or all of the work required,  a price is quoted for us to do a full guaranteed overhaul.  If there is a specific part of the restoration that you would like us to do such as the electronics side of things this is fine too,  just email or telephone us to discuss your requirements.  We are very flexible and will work to your requirements.

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You should not expect the restoration projects to work correctly as purchased, repairs may be required before it is safe to connect them to the mains supply.

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Many new items added today.   

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1948 Bush AC2   (valve)   
This update we have a few woody wireless sets to offer,  which makes a change as this past year finding anything half decent to put on here has been an issue.    So this is an all original Bush AC2 for you to restore.   The case which is walnut veneer has a few marks and general age blemishes,  it would benefit from some polishing or maybe an application or two of antique oil  -  if you do this don't rush the process,  give the cabinet a good week at this time of year to go off before you buff it up.   The other thing to mention is the speaker cloth which is a little bit loose at the bottom of the baffle board.   I found a few  long dead worm holes in one bottom corner  - they have been treated as have the hidden internal corners of the case (this is always carried out here before I will put an item on the storage racks) so nothing to worry about.   What damage there is will get sorted when you tidy up the cabinet.    Chassis wise it is the standard Bush octal job with an autotransformer for the high voltage side of things.   Dual speed tuning drive with a decent tone control .   This model has long been one of my all time favourite Bush sets.    A proper valve radio well worthy of a thorough restoration.   Winter project?   
Frequency Coverage :- MW / LW /SW
Dimensions 17" wide, 13" high, 9" deep
Antenna -   external aerial required.
Restoration Difficulty  1.5 intermediate
Price £30    UK Delivery £14    Most of EU £26  - £38

1952 Bush PB22 (Valve)
Electrically it's similar to the Bush AC11,  with the addition of 4 extra preset stations.  The cabinet is a fair bit larger and Bush made use of this space to fit a huge speaker.   All looks to be original and pretty good order throughout.    Yes there are a few marks on the cabinet which can be sorted out with scratch cover polish.  The chassis has a little light corrosion on bare steel parts,  I have checked the speaker cone and other exposed bits and cannot find any things that might put me off diving in with the iron.  All in all not too bad  -  as Bush radios go this one is not common at all,  get it whilst you can !    It will need one of my special boxes :-)
Frequency Coverage :- LW / MW / SW with presets
Dimensions 23" wide, 16" high, 9" deep
Antenna -  frame type with sockets
Restoration Difficulty  1  - easy 
Price  £40  (£225  overhauled)   UK Delivery £17  most of EU £30  - £45

C1954 Ekco A110  (valve)
A switched "pre-set" tuned valve radio built in quite a heavy wooden cabinet.  Lots of fluff and dust,  it is a fairly standard chassis minus a tuning capacitor.  Once you have it overhauled the stations are set with the trimmers and inductors accessible from the rear panel.    A oddball offering from Southend-on-Sea which I suspect had the same innards as many Radio Rentals switch tuned sets (which were built in the same factory). 
Frequency Coverage :- LW/MW preset tuning.
Dimensions 16" wide, 13" high, 7" deep
Antenna -  Internal frame with sockets
Restoration Difficulty  1.5 intermediate. 
Price  £25    UK Delivery £14  most of EU £26  - £38

1955 Pye Fenman II   (valve)
Lets get started this update with a bit of a classic.   Pye were fond of making large, high quality radio sets and this one is aimed directly at the Grundig and big Bush competition radios of the time.   We got this example from an estate clearance and it is in very good condition,  the cabinet has had some attention in the past and everything looks smart.   I doubt it is going to need too much electrical work to put it into A1 working order either as it was, or so I am told in regular use in the not so distant past.   All the knobs are ok,  they are notoriously fragile on this model,  well I say that but if you are careful they will be fine.  It's folk with pliers and screwdrivers who normally break them!    No damage or marks to report,  the dial and cloth as you can see in the pictures are both tidy.    We have quite a batch of Pye radios at the  moment,   read on... 
Frequency Coverage  LW/MW/VHF FM
Antenna - internal with separate sockets for VHF etc 
Dimensions 23" wide, 16" high, 9" deep
Restoration Difficulty 1.5 intermediate
Sorry this is sold. 

C1935 GEC AC4  (valve)   
It has been a while since we had a proper 1930's upright superhet wireless to put in our restoration projects bit of the website.   This one came in a few weeks back,  in unmolested condition.  It does have a few marks here and there but nothing too serious  -  the whole thing needs a good clean for starters.   It is all things said nearly 85 years old!   The only non original bit that I can see on the electronics side of things is a 1960's radiospares capacitor dangling off the output transformer which looks like it has been there since the 1960's.  There is a small hole starting to wear on the edge of the speaker cone / baffle.     Time to get clicking the pictures.. 
Frequency Coverage :- LW/MW
Dimensions 14" wide, 18" high, 9" deep
Antenna -   simple wire needed as per most early valve radios.
Restoration Difficulty  1.5 intermediate / more advanced,   
Price  £50     (£250 overhauled)   UK Delivery £15  most of EU £28  - £38

C1959  Pye VHF2D  (valve)
Quite a large Pye all band model with what they considered to be continental styling.   It is not quite a FenMan II but it does try!  Nothing much to report other than  the front plastic trim has yellowed uniformly over time.   All looks to be in original shape,  no messing about inside.  There is no physical damage,  another good project for someone  (if you have the room!)   
Frequency Coverage :- LW/MW / SW / VHF FM
Dimensions 21" wide, 14" high, 10" deep
Antenna -   internal ferrite rod and dipole with sockets for external wires etc.
Restoration Difficulty  1.5 intermediate
Price  £35     (£150  overhauled)   UK Delivery £15  most of EU £30   - £40

1956 Philips B5G64A  (valve)
This is the larger,  woody version of the popular Philips 63A Bakelite radio which occasionally makes an appearance on our website.   The chassis is basically identical but with the extra space in the cabinet a much larger speaker is fitted.   End result is once overhauled  it sounds even better than the Bakelite model which is quite a feat as all the Philips radios of this era were top class.   All you see is original,  there is a sliver of veneer missing from one rear corner,  otherwise bar a few light scratches the woodwork is good.    Plenty of dead cobwebs internally and I am pleased to say the tuning drives are ok.  Those Bowden cables can be fiddly to restring at the best of times.  Well worth sorting out.   
Frequency Coverage  LW/MW/VHF FM

Antenna - internal ferrite rod and VHF dipole with sockets.
Dimensions 20" wide, 15" high, 7.5" deep
Restoration Difficulty  1.5 intermediate
Price  £40      (£160  overhauled)   UK Delivery £14  most of EU £28   - £40

C1958 HMV 1373  (valve) 
Original red painted HMV AC/DC offering,   which is nice and bright.  The case needs a good clean,  I might be tempted to re-paint the cream grille just to finish it off.   Electrically identical to a similar looking Ferguson,  it is all quite straightforward as VHF valve radios go.   Watch out for leaky heater cathode shorts causing hum.   
Frequency Coverage  LW/MW/VHF FM

Antenna - internal ferrite rod and VHF dipole with sockets.
Dimensions 14" wide, 9" high, 7" deep
Restoration Difficulty  1.5 intermediate
Price  £30      (£120 overhauled)   UK Delivery £14  most of EU £28   - £40

1959 Bush VHF80   (Valve)
We just sold the red and white dial version of this model, which is currently being overhauled in our workshop.  Well guess what…  erm … here is another one.  This time with the standard trim.  Brown!  It's a bit dirty but will clean up to make a good set.   Always been very impressed with this design  -  for a simple AC/DC chassis they outperform most other compact valve vhf sets in this class.   
Frequency Coverage :- LW / MW / VHF FM
Antenna -  internal aerials for all bands with socket.
Restoration Difficulty  1.5  intermediate
Price  £35     (£100 overhauled)  UK Delivery £14  Most of EU £25 - £36 

1954 Bush AC41   (valve)   
It is likely you will want to re-finish the cabinet on this set  -  maybe Colron antique oil would be a good place to start.   It's all nice and original but has a lot of scratches and the finish has lost some of its colour.   Give it a good clean up and apply several coats of oil over a week or so and it will eventually look a whole heap better.   You should be able to save the logo transfer on top,  this bit is well preserved.   Chassis wise all is ok  -  the eagle eyed will notice that a couple of valves are missing.  They will be replaced before sending out.  Not sure who nicked them!    The four control knobs need soaking in a bath of washing powder solution to lift out the grime which is lodged in the knurled edges.   The AC41 despite being a short superhet always seems to perform well  and it is not too big.    We have another, very smart example almost ready to go on the overhauled items page. 
Frequency Coverage  LW, MW and SW
Antenna -  simple wire aerial needed. 
Dimensions 16" wide, 13" high, 7" deep
Restoration Difficulty  1.5  intermediate
Price  £35    UK Delivery £14  Most of EU £28 - £36 

C1958 Stella ST239U   (valve)   
This has an interesting permeability tuning system with variable inductors rather than variable capacitors to control the local oscillator stages.   Which sounds like a mouthful but in practice was cheaper to make.  It however follows standard Philips valve radio practice of making thing mechanically more complex than they need to be!  Which makes life interesting.   Worm gears and all.   Nothing to report other than 50 years of dust and a bit of grime to polish off the case.   No damage and apparently as it left the factory in a burgundy coloured cabinet.
Frequency Coverage  LW, MW and VHF FM
Antenna -  Ferrite rod for LW/ MW,  a wire needed for VHF FM
Dimensions 15" wide, 9" high, 7" deep
Restoration Difficulty  1.5  intermediate
Price  £25  (£140 overhauled)   UK Delivery £14  Most of EU £28 - £36 

C1954 Marconi T43DA    (valve)
A mini radio to restore.   The paint is flaking in places and for some reason  (maybe a previous external aerial socket?) a small hole has been made on one side.   If a radio can be called cute I guess this one fits the bill.   If you re-sprayed the case you could fill that hole up,  or just put a little blanking grommet / plug in place.  Going cheap. 

Frequency Coverage  LW, MW
Antenna -  Ferrite rod for LW/ MW
Dimensions 11" wide, 7" high, 5" deep
Restoration Difficulty  1  Easy
Price  £20   UK Delivery £10  Most of EU £28 - £36 

1956 Bush VHF61 (valve)
Another popular choice from Bush,  we get through quite a few of them in our workshop.  Being a double conversion superhet they work well too,  especially so on VHF when you have had the fun of replacing some of those unreliable brown things we call Hunts "noseal" capacitors.  No seal as they often crack due to moisture. This example has a small crack in the dial glass at the back of the control knob on the bottom left hand side.   You can get a spot of epoxy on the back of this and it will be ok,  it is hardly noticeable.  Other things I spotted is the baffle board,  which is loose at one side.   It all needs a good clean and polish.   The switches and other controls are working ok.   Plenty to keep you busy over the winter.   
Frequency Coverage  VHF FM, LW and MW
Antenna - internals with sockets.
Restoration difficulty 1.5 intermediate.
Dimensions 16" wide, 11" high, 8" deep
Price  £30   UK Delivery £14  Most of EU £28 - £36 

1954 Vidor CN429  (valve dry battery 90V)
Finished in red,  fake snake.   Somewhere down this web page there should also be some mock croc.   All going on here….    Good original condition. 
Frequency Coverage :- MW / LW
Dimensions 8" wide, 8" high, 4" deep
Antenna -  internal plate aerial.
Restoration Difficulty 1.5 intermediate
Batteries 90V ht 1.5V lt
Price  £30  (£call overhauled)  UK Delivery £10  Most of EU £20 - £36

1953 Pye P75   (valve)
The P75 is one of those small woody radios with internal aerials that are very popular,  and rightly so as they are easy to work on and well made.  This one is nice and original, with plenty of dust and fluff.  The walnut cabinet has faded a little on top but is nothing too serious and really just needs a good polish up.  Maybe a buff with some burnishing cream would be a good idea.  I like the type made by "lake-one" which they call French polish reviver.  It sorts out a multitude of sins and is very easy to apply.   No sign of any messing inside the case.  All good. 

Frequency Coverage :- MW / LW / SW
Antenna - internal frame for LW/MW with sockets for external.
Restoration difficulty   -  1 easy
Dimensions  16" wide 12" high, 7" deep
Price £35   (£130 overhauled) UK Delivery £14  Most of EU £25 - £36

C1965 Murphy B815 Transistor 8 
This is quite an interesting Murphy transistor set which has survived apart from a couple of cracks and chips on the top rear edge of the tuning dial surround.  Shame as the rest of it is in really good condition.   They are not the most substantial engineering effort but a but good one, properly aligned has the sound quality not too far of Hacker Herald territory.   Like all things mid 60's expect the AF117's to be in their, lurking, waiting to grow tin whiskers.  Or you may be lucky.    The rubber straps that retain the batteries are like new on this example. 
Frequency Coverage  LW/MW
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod  with a socket
Batteries  -  2   PP9 9V
Dimensions 12" wide, 7" high, 4" deep
Price £12   (£70 overhauled)   UK delivery £10   Most of EU £22  -  £32 GBP

1953 Vidor CN435  (valve dry battery 90V) My Lady Catherine
More fake snake,  this time in blue.  Which is a good thing as there are not many blue Lady Catherine models out there to be found.  It needs a good clean,  all the gubbins  are in intact.  They clean up well with foam spray and a washing up brush.   Battery sales will be through the roof again...
Frequency Coverage :- MW / LW
Dimensions 8" wide, 8" high, 4" deep
Antenna -  internal plate aerial.
Restoration Difficulty 1.5 intermediate
Batteries 90V ht 1.5V lt
Price  £30  (£call overhauled)  UK Delivery £10  Most of EU £20 - £36
Sorry this is sold.  To be overhauled.

C1955 Ever Ready Sky Countess   (90V dry battery valve)
All good and original with a clean cabinet.   Only thing I can spot are two missing screws to fix the chassis into the cabinet,  and bit of the covering material needs sticking back down on the inside of the lift up lid.  Very good.     
Frequency Coverage :- MW / LW
Dimensions 8" wide, 8" high, 4" deep
Antenna -  internal ferrite rod.
Restoration Difficulty 1.5 intermediate
Batteries 90V ht 1.5V lt
Price  £20  (£call overhauled)  UK Delivery £10  Most of EU £20 - £36

C1970  Ferguson Caravelle 3156   (transistor)
Well this has survived in remarkably good condition,  the case and chrome are all spot on.  There is a smidge of wear on one of the knobs but nothing much else to report.   Works reasonably well as found, on all bands.  Being the later version this one is silicon transistors so no AF116's to replace.   It's a bit crackly but you can hear the audio is above par on VHF. 

Coverage :- LW / MW / SW / VHF FM
Dimensions 12" wide, 6" high, 3.5" deep
Antenna -  ferrite rod / whip with sockets
Batteries   single 9V PP9
Restoration Difficulty  1.5 intermediate. 
Price  £22 (£85 overhauled)  UK Delivery £10  Most of EU Most of EU £22 - £36)

1954 Pye P114 BQ  "Jewel"
Yet more 90V battery valve radios to play with.  Sales of PP9 batteries will never be as high again!    Here we another good quality example of Pye engineering.   The very shiny Jewel which has great chrome work  -  everything present and correct.  Well almost everything,  the leather bit of the handle is falling to bits.   Humbug.    Where have I heard that before? 
Frequency Coverage :- LW / MW
Antenna -  internal frame. 
Dimensions 9" wide, 8" high, 4" deep.
Batteries   90V HT 1.5V V LT
Restoration Difficulty  1.5 intermediate.
Price  £30   (£call overhauled)  UK Delivery £10  Most of EU £20 - £36

1962 Ferguson 3120  (transistor)
Another nice,  slightly older Ferguson radio,  commonly known as the "bookend" model.  The bookend unfortunately has lost some of it's brass effect paintwork which needs a re-spray and there is a bit of a battery leak on the bottom but it does not look bad inside.   However the all important brass telescopic antenna has survived and the rest of the cabinet is clean and tidy.  Good dial too.    Not a common radio and worth spending some time and effort restoring.  A good project. 

Coverage :- LW / MW / 2 SW ranges
Dimensions 9" wide, 5" high, 2" deep
Antenna -  ferrite rod / whip with sockets
Batteries   4 C cell 1.5V type
Restoration Difficulty  1.5 intermediate. 
Price  £15  UK Delivery £9  Most of EU £22 - £36)

1959/60 Roberts RT7  (transistor) 
Ancient offering from Roberts.  The cabinet is in good condition too,  it's the tan version of the RT7.  I don't know about other Roberts collectors but this model and the RT8 too seem very hard to find.   Surprising really as quite a lot were manufactured.  Electrically it's similar to the RT1 using the same 6V power source.  But it has a much larger speaker fitted inside the upright standing case.  The leather covering material on the handle is missing and one of the control knobs is wrong.   However the Rexene covering is very smart and tan is usually the dirtiest of all the Roberts colours.   They never seem to be clean,  this one is! 
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod with sockets
Batteries  -  Should be PP1 6V which is obsolete.  Suggest a 4 D cell conversion
Frequency coverage   -  LW / MW
Dimensions 12" wide, 10" high, 4.5" deep
Price  £20   UK Delivery £10  Most of EU £22 - £36)

1947  Roberts P4D  (90V dry battery valve) 
Apparently a tasty radio, as it has been slightly nibbled by our common enemy.  Nothing too serious thankfully there are a few holes in the front and some on the bottom cover  -  luckily being a dark blue colour they are easy to cover up with blue polish or a wax crayon.   Otherwise the radio is not too bad,  there is a bit of light corrosion on the hinges and as usual the handle is past its best.  The electrical side of things and innards generally look absolutely fine.  Untouched.   Oh and before I get asked,  yes the woodius wormius has been treated.   It was already dead,  it's now well and truly embalmed.   I nearly gassed myself in the process. 
Frequency Coverage :- MW / LW /SW 
Antenna - internal frame with sockets for external aerials.
Restoration Difficulty 1.5 intermediate
Batteries 90V HT 1.5V LT
Dimensions  12" wide 10" high, 7" deep
Price  £30  UK Delivery £14  Most of EU £25 - £36

1959 Bush VHF90A (valve)
Another Bush for you to have a go at.  This model is not common and when they do turn up usually the dial is distorted.   The reason for this is that folk in the past tended to put the wrong wattage bulb in the radio,  which would get far too hot and eventually melt or badly distort the top part of the red plastic dial.  Glad to say this one is not damaged at all, and equally the clear tuning knob is indeed clear and not the common milky white colour that UV light turns them to.   Another well designed chassis which is very easy to work on.   No AM bits to make it over complicated.  This one again is original as found.   
Frequency Coverage :- VHF only
Dimensions 13" wide, 9" high, 7" deep
Antenna -   has internal dipole with a socket.   
Restoration Difficulty  1.5 intermediate
Price  £40  UK Delivery £14  Most of EU £25 - £36

Late 1920's / early 30's Marconi large extension speaker.   
No idea if this works or not,  I expect it will as there is little really to go wrong and given it is in such good original condition I doubt it has been abused.   Quite a piece of fret work, and if you look closely at the centre you can see where the clever Marconi designer hid the volume control.   The woodwork is still in its original factory finish,  it has not been got at in any way.   I am very pleased to have found this one.  Now you just need to find somewhere to put it!   
Dimensions  14" wide, 15" high and 7" deep
Price  £30  UK Delivery £14  Most of EU £28 - £36
Sorry this is sold.   

1978 Roberts Rambler (transistor) 
Ramblers have always been popular little AM transistor radios,  and a good one sounds much better than you might think.   This is one for you to restore,  there is nothing much wrong with it really other than a bit of wear down at the bottom of the rear panel.  I will replace the missing buttons and caps before sending the radio out.   
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod
Batteries  -  1 of PP9  9V
Frequency coverage   -  LW / MW
Dimensions 7.5" wide, 5" high, 2.5" deep
Restoration Difficulty  1.5 intermediate. 
Price  £15 (£40 overhauled)  UK Delivery £8  Most of EU £18 - £30)

C1972 Pye Rally  (transistor)
At first glance I thought this was a Dynatron radio.  It looks like one both inside and out.  It is indeed though another Pye,  which came from a large collection of such recently purchased from just outside of guess where….  Cambridge.   Where else really?   Nothing much to say about this item,  it all looks to be present and correct and build to decent quality standards.   
Frequency Coverage :- MW / LW
Dimensions 9.5" wide, 6.5" high, 3.5" deep
Antenna -   internal with sockets. 
Batteries   2 PP9 9V
Restoration Difficulty  1 easy
Price £18  (£65 overhauled)  UK Delivery £10   Most of EU £22  -  £28  GBP 

C1969 Hacker Autocrat  RP33  (transistor)
All good bar the rear plastic grille which is missing.  One from a Herald, Hunter, Sovereign etc will fit.   There is are a couple of clever folk selling 3D printed copies of such grilles on eBay, I recently used one on a Sovereign restoration and it looked great.  They are also making other trim bits for Hacker and Roberts sets.  What I want now is a supplier of the brass caps for R200's.  But I digress.  Apart from the obvious this is a good example of the Autocrat radio which was a slim line Hacker made for both car and portable use.     
Frequency Coverage :- MW / LW
Dimensions 10" wide, 7" high, 3.5" deep
Antenna -   internal with sockets. 
Batteries   2 PP9 9V
Restoration Difficulty  1 easy
Price £15  (£75 overhauled with a grille)  UK Delivery £10   Most of EU £22  -  £28  GBP 

Mid 60's Pye All transistor mini portable 
Time for a few "pocket" radios.  You would need a big pocket for this one as it is slightly larger.  Very pretty though and has not faded one bit.  There is no damage to report  -  it won't be here long I guess!   
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod
Batteries  -  6V using cell pack
Frequency coverage   -  LW / MW
Dimensions  -  little  (forgot to measure it!)
Price  £20   UK Delivery £6.50  Most of EU £18 - £36)

C1968 Philips L1G41T-15C   (transistor)
Philips and their snazzy model names.  Don't you just love 'em!   Shame here is that there is a chip out of one back corner.  Which is a pity as this model being a Philips has some interesting features.   Very  James Bond 1960's styling.
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod
Batteries  -  6V 4AA cells
Frequency coverage   -  LW / MW
Dimensions  -  little  (forgot to measure it!)
Price  £5   UK Delivery £6.50   Most of EU £18 - £36)

1967 Hacker Democrat  RP34 Transistor
Really rugged construction gets the democrat off to a good start. They don't turn up too often but are well worth sorting out.  Like most Hacker sets this model has an extra RF stage for improved performance and a decent audio amp and speaker to go with it.  All in pretty good shape,  no bits missing.   
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod with sockets.
Batteries  -  2 of 9V PP9
Frequency coverage   -  LW / MW
Dimensions  -  9" wide, 7" high and 4" deep.
Price  £25  (£80 overhauled)   UK Delivery £10  Most of EU £20 - £36)

Late 60's Japanese transistor shelf radio. 
This is a strange thing,  it only tunes MW yet it has a pointless telescopic whip aerial which would only increase local interference reception.  It does however have the usual ferrite rod that it will actually use.  Seems large for a MW only set,  powered by 4 D cells.    It has survived well,  despite being strange it sort of reminds me a little of the KB Minuet.  That however is a valve radio and needs to be this big to fit the "tubes" in.   I am sure someone will take pity on it.   The missing screw on the back cover,  I shall attempt to find something to replace this with.
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod with pointless whip aerial that does nothing!
Batteries  -  4 D cells 
Frequency coverage   -  MW
Dimensions  -  12" wide, 4" high and 3" deep.
Price  £15   UK Delivery £10  Most of EU £22 - £36)

C1960 PAM TB90  (transistor)   
Pye used to call their early transistor products  "PAM" as they were not sure about this cold cathode stuff taking off and didn't want to damage their brand reputation.  Or so the legend goes.  I am not sure about this really,  it may have been a way to get more products into department stores.  Anyway you might recognise this cabinet as the same was used in several Pye valve sets.  R33?    I reckon this would be a great project for someone who fancies a go at restoring a radio that looks like a valve radio but does not have 250V floating around inside waiting to give out a nasty nip.  It is a cheerful, pretty little thing.   Not like me at all!   
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod with sockets
Batteries  -   D cells 
Frequency coverage   -  MW / LW
Dimensions  -  11.5" wide, 7" high and 5" deep.
Price  £25   UK Delivery £10  Most of EU £22 - £36)

C1965 Standard SR-H501 "HiFi" Japanese portable.  (transistor)
In view of the trade descriptions act I must say take the HiFi label with a pinch of salt.  Yes it does have two speakers and it is nicely made but HiFi is going a bit far.  Oh well you could get away with this in the 60's.  I love looking at the old adverts  (soon to be on the new website) which amuse no end with the blatant lies.   Back to this little radio,  the leather case has done its job well and protected the case of the radio.  It has not aged quite so well and is now starting to fall to bits.  Everything looks to be intact,  do have a close inspection of the photos.   
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod with sockets
Batteries  -   3 D cells
Frequency coverage   -  MW / SW
Price  £18   UK Delivery £8  Most of EU £20 - £36)

C1973 Murphy  "Overlander"  (transistor)   
Clearly aimed at the top end of the 1970's radio market this Murphy is built much like their 1930's radios in that it is literally like a tank.  Feels solid and I expect when the 6 D cells are installed it will have no chance of rattling around on a table like some Grundig sets do.   Not a common version,  there is a Bush with similar innards in it out there but it is not a patch on the Murphy from a cosmetic design point of view.   This one has a few minor dings but nothing serious it will clean up very well.  It is good to have some different offerings in for a change,  this one is quite tempting.   Expect top class audio on all ranges. 
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod with sockets
Batteries  -   6 D cells
Frequency coverage   -  MW /LW / VHF FM / SW1 and SW2
Dimensions 15" wide, 8" high, 4"deep

Price  £35   (£145 overhauled)   UK Delivery £12  Most of EU £20 - £36)

1958 Pye Caprice (valve) 
This is the early version of the Caprice model,  which is far superior to the later.  Why?  Simple answer is the chassis, this one is built on a chassis with point to point wiring.   No PCB's   The later version is a PCB which is cheaper to make and would have been back in the 1950's but fast forward 60 years and the paxolin material they used for board making looses its insulating properties,  which is especially apparent on mains AC/DC designs like this one.   So you end up with 50 Hz AC hum leaking through the pcb, between the valve base pin sockets and tracks causing noise on the high impedance audio circuits.  There is nothing really to do to overcome this problem.   No amount of cleaning will generally fix it.   So like I said this is the better version,  with an old fashioned air spaced chassis.  This example has survived well,  all intact and has a decent factory dove grey finish to the Bakelite case.  Appears to be all original.   
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod / dipole with sockets
Frequency coverage   -  MW /LW / VHF FM
Dimensions 14" wide, 8" high, 6" deep
Restoration difficulty 1.5 intermediate. 

Price  £40   (£140  overhauled)   UK Delivery £14  Most of EU £22 - £36)

Sorry this is sold,  to be overhauled.

Early 1970's Pye 3026  (transistor mains powered) 
Lovely condition,  with a piano style high gloss finish.  This Pye looks very much like some Scandinavian "wide screen" radios of the time.  Can't say I have ever seen this model before and it does seem odd to be missing VHF FM coverage.  Maybe it was made for export?   It does have a good helping of SW bands so that could be it.   All looks to be high quality parts inside,  no damage to report.  This would make a  good show piece for a 70's / late 60's themed room. 
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod / dipole with sockets
Frequency coverage   -  MW /LW / MW2 / 3 SW bands  Also has switch input audio sockets etc.
Internal aerials with sockets for SW etc
Dimensions 23" wide, 7" high, 7" deep
Restoration difficulty 1.5 intermediate. 

Price  £55   (£195  overhauled)   UK Delivery £18 Most of EU £22 - £36)

Hacker Cavalier valve record player
We do not normally have record players available and this will continue to be the case,  however currently we do have two to offer.  Both are good quality units and much better than your average run of the mill Dansette record destroyer.   Ha ha

First up is a nice original example of the Hacker Cavalier,  which is in working order.  It does need a service,  the pots are bit noisy but it plays fine,  or at least it would if a new stylus was fitted.  The current one is only useable on records you hate and never want to listen to again!  It at least proves the cartridge is in good order.   The auto changer deck is fine and on the test run  it seemed quite stable at various speeds.  Again I must stress it has not been touched whilst here in my workshop so a bit of lube and some basic testing is recommended.    Being a Hacker unit, it has an excellent quality amplifier, a proper speaker and the Garrard deck is set up with a bit of style.   The cabinet and trim, deck finish etc are all in good shape. 

Don't forget you will need a new stylus.  Easy to find now on eBay as most of the common types have gone back in to production.
Price  £150  for light restoration    UK Delivery £25 PTR Special 

Pye Stereophonic mini radiogram PE20STG 
Second up is this amazing condition Pye unit.   Dates from the late 1950's and has a stereo valve amplifier built in.  All in super original condition,  it has clearly been someone's pride and joy over the decades.  Or very little used.   The radio side of things seems to be just about working ok,  it is crackly and needs I suspect the usual capacitors doing at some point but it does work.  One clever feature here is the tuning pointer,  it uses a moving EM84 magic eye valve as the actual pointer.   The valve is mounted on a pulley system and slides up and down the dial,  with signal strength indicated as the bar opens and closes.   The radio tunes MW and 2 SW ranges.

On the record side of things it needs some attention and lubrication.  It is turning,  a little slow but it does work.  You can feel that the platter is very stiff.  That will be the old grease that has gone hard.  The  cartridge is working but again I would be thinking about a new stylus before actually using the record deck.  The  Garrard 210 Auto changer installed in this unit,  which I suspect is quite a rare radiogram as I can find little information on this model on the internet.     

It is very heavy,  with dimensions of 22" wide, 18" deep and 10" high.  Fantastic period piece,  in time warp condition.  Given some TLC this will be well worth doing.   If you can collect it all the better as I can see packing it up will be a problem.    Or maybe we can arrange a drop off or meeting to suit?    Think of it as a Pye Black Box on steroids!!
Price  £115  for restoration         
UK Delivery £30 PTR Special   / to be sorted out

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