Here is a list of a few of our favourite websites,  all of which are well worth a look at.  This is not intended to be a comprehensive list,  and many of the websites and companies featured here have their own links pages to look at.

UK Vintage Radio Links

Well right at the top of the list has to be Paul Stennings Vintage Radio Repair and Restoration.  I think it is the biggest and has certainly been the most interesting and informative British based vintage radio website for many years.  Paul also produces some excellent service data CD's that are for sale here.  Everybody should have a copy of them,  they are highly recommended.  Also look out for things to make,  a massive collection of sets and information,  restoration info and an up to date events guide.   A new feature is a display of Sid Chaplins speaker grille and cloth.

Alan Lord Vintage Radio Collection,  has again much technical information about restoration,  and some good stories to  tell.  Entertaining !

The Vintage Radio Emporium,  not a massive amount of articles and content,  but there is a busy for sale and wanted bulletin board.  What's better still is that it's free to advertise.

Tony Thompson's Vintage Radio World has grown over the years into another massive site, coving all aspects of restoration.   This will keep you busy for quite a few hours.    Link updated.

Another vintage radio website,  with constructional articles taken from "The Radio Constructor" amongst others.  Vintage Radio & Electronics.

Classic Wireless is a fairly new, well designed website with lots of information and pictures of British made sets.  Definitely one for people interested in Murphy radio.   

Vintage radio components is another new, interesting site which covers lots of topics.  Have a look.   

Malcom's Vintage Radios is one of the original vintage sites in the UK.  Has a useful (and busy) classified adverts page. 

If you are interested in Murphy radio sets,  then this is the website for you.  A full history,  free service info downloads and lots of lovely pictures to help you identify your set.  Have a look here and enjoy. 

Christian Fletcher has put together another interesting website  -  plenty of vintage technology to be admired here.

The BBC.  Must give the British Broadcasting Corporation a mention.  Without them where would be all be ?  This link takes you to the BBC history part of their website.  Even we get a mention !

If you fancy something from the other side of the Atlantic then Franks website is worth looking at.  Remember you'll probably need a 110V supply if you live this side of the pond.  It's here.   

Continental Europe Radio Links

Sadly my good friend from Prague Petr Kadlec recently passed away.   His website is still available online and has an excellent selection of info detailing many Czech radios,  in English and Czech.  Please do not however send any email to the address on the website, Petr's family have more important things to think about.   If you are desperate for a Tesla circuit diagram then get in touch with me.   here is the link.   Also details of the visit he made to Gerry Wells museum!  Yes I have also met Zofie the dog (in person)   

Radiomuseum Rottenburg is a German radio museum in the Black Forest area with lots of guess what  -  yes  -  German radios for you to look at.  Open for public viewing throughout the year,  have a look at their online displays.  Excellent pictures and information.  In German and English.   

Die Volksempfanger  -  this is a new German site, still under construction which promises to be an excellent resource for anyone attempting to restore a VE301  -   the famous propaganda radio,  in all it's various guises. 
Free service information and good links for more details.   In German and English

Martin Hajek has a fascinating look into one of Europe's major pre war radio manufacturers,  Czechoslovakia as it was called then.  Lots of images,  history and loads of lovely Tesla's. In English and Czech.  Virtuální museum historické radiotechniky is the one to look at.

Gerard's Radio Corner has an interesting web site dedicated to Dutch and European radio's.  He has a big collection of Philips set's to look at.  There is also a few things to make.

Another recent discovery for me was this excellent Hungarian website,  dedicated to,  well Hungarian and other local manufacturers.  Excellent information and pictures,  in English and Hungarian.  Take a peek here.

Fancy a look at some radios from the Soviet Union ?  Here is a well presented Russian site.  Lots of pictures and information.  Have a look at the Red Star Radio site.

Volker's Antik Radio Restored is a German site dedicated to restoration of 1950's receivers.  Interesting stuff,  and the Germans definitely had the upper hand in their VHF FM offerings.  Have a look here.   

Component and Parts Suppliers

Crowthorne tubes is a good place to start if you are looking for valves, capacitors and other bits and pieces.  Nothing but praise for Gerry  we've always had excellent quick service with good packing.  Highly recommended. 

Valve & Tube Supplies only have around half a million valves in stock,  so there is not much chance of them having what you want ! (only joking) Excellent service from the Isle of Wight.

Sid Chaplin,  this is the man for replacement speaker cloths, handles and so on.  He can be contacted at 43 Lime Ave, Leigh on Sea, Essex, SS9 3PA,  England.  Ł1 for a samples sheet of speaker cloth. 
You can also email him at   See for online pictures of cloths available. 

NR Bardwell in Sheffield.  Well I've been going there for the last 20 odd years or so.  They have lots of old surplus germanium transistors.  It's well worth giving them a ring as a lot of their shop stock is not listed on the website. 

Amateur Radio Related Sites.

If like me you are a short wave listening fanatic then this website is a must.  It's a collection of new and old interval signals,  some of them will bring back memories for sure.  I like the old examples of where the Soviets used to jam the BBC and Voice of America.  I spent hours here

Still the best and funniest Amateur radio website on the 'net.  Harry like me is from Yorkshire,  but he lives in Sweden now.  Harry's Homebrew Homepage.  Lots of thing to make,  with transistors and valves.  Make sure you look at the 'frequently asked silly questions'.  It's all entertaining and well written (even the booze brewing !)  Fantastic

You can find an up to date listing of Amateur Radio Rallies here   New Link

Walford Electronics.   This is amateur radio the way it should be.  Well known QRP enthusiast and author Tim Walford has a superb selection of proven kits to build including complete receivers, transmitters, transceivers and test equipment.   I've built Tim's designs and they really do work well.  Highly recommended to all "proper" radio amateurs!

Not Radio Related but very useful.  If you want to send a radio to us for repair etc then I recommend using  rather than your Post Office.   It's cheaper,  quicker and they use DHL Express,  which means you can send a package without having an account with them.  Have a look and see what you think.

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