This part of the website is the place where we can ask you for any bits and pieces we need to complete radio restoration projects.   

Do we buy radios ?  Yes we do of course.  If you have items similar to what you have seen on this website for sale then do please get in touch.   We don't mind travelling if the trip is going to be worthwhile,  even as far away as France or Germany.

do not buy radiogram's of any kind however, due to space restraints and the lack of interest in this sort of thing.   We certainly do buy console radios,  even the really weird Murphy contraptions!

Customer wants

We often get asked have you gotů.   Well quite often we have but if not and you want a free advert then do let us know.  We are happy to put  your wants up for components or trim parts on this bit of the website.  Click on the name to open up an email box.  If you are having problems with this then contact us directly and I'll pass on the good news.

This webpage is due to be replaced in the near future,  for now the help section is closed.   

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