One thing that can really spoil a radio is if the dial glass is damaged,  or the legend has faded and dropped off. 

Occasionally you see the odd set that has been 'restored' and
someone has used a strong detergent or solvent to 'clean' the glass.  You can guess what the end result is.

With modern colour printing technology it is possible to produce reasonable reproduction dials onto acetate transparency film using a good ink jet printer or preferably a colour laser printer.  These can then be carefully matched up at the rear of the dial glass with the original,  which has the effect of filling in the damaged print.  Another recent development is inkjet or laser printer water slide film paper.  You print this in the normal way and like transfers you get with model kits,  soak them in water and slide onto a blank piece of glass.

Finding good genuine replacements from scrap receivers these days is becoming much more difficult so I think it would be good to have a central resource for these images here on the Internet,  to help us all in our hobby.  We do have some glasses available though,  see the list below or visit the junk shop page.

If you would like to join in and make this a really useful resource please email me your dial images to include on this page (you will get a mention of course !) With your help this could be the beginning of something good.

The images will be stored in jpeg format to save space and download times. I recommend using something like MS Photo Editor to scale and touch up the dials if required.  Where there are multiple dials for the same set,  these are stored in Zip format.

Good Luck and do let me know how you get on.  Keep those scans coming !

To download the files,  scroll down to the download section towards the bottom of this page, and right click on the model number, select 'save as'

Current stock of original glass used Tuning Dials

Please check the "Junk Shop" page of our website for an up to date list of dial glasses available.   

Most of the following have been provided by customers and regular website visitors,  many thanks for your efforts.  Please keep sending in your dial scans by email to our usual address.  To download simply select the file you are interested in,  right click and select "save as" from the menu.   As internet bandwidth costs Past Times Radio a premium I'd please ask you not to download things just for the sake of it ! We only have so much allocation per month and I would rather keep it hosted here on the main web server than having to link the files to a "free ISP".  Thanks for your understanding.

Bush       DAC90,   DAC90A (all)DAC10, DAC41, VHF90, EU24
Pilot      T105 Little Maestro, 1952 L.M.
Tesla     Talisman 306U
Roberts   R600, R404, R606, RamblerR300, R500, RT1, RT8, R25
Hacker    Herald RP30, RP31 SW , Mini Herald (Blue)  Sovereign RP18
Ultra         Ultra 401 (print on white "aged"  card)
Regentone      P21
Mullard          MAS281
Pye          P116u,
Philips       N13X92T  New 170A
Alba         C112
Avo valve testers   avotester, Mk2 
Cossor   358
Marconiphone  911  237  15DA
PAM   TB59
UK Wartime utility  general
Ferguson     238A
KB             FB10    FB10VHF
Ultra        R786   R906
Unitra    Special

Many thanks to Mike Arminio for the new Philips 170A scan and to Andy Smith for his Ultra R906 scan

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