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Here we have a selection of vintage goodies that do not really fit into our other sales pages.   One off items of interest to radio and maybe in the future audio enthusiasts.   Most things are as found but a full description of their working state will be included.   Some items will be serviced and come with our standard six month return to base warranty. 

Vintage and modern communications equipment,  test equipment for your workshop,  useful bulk components and all those kinds of things.    This page will not be updated as often as our main overhauled and diy radios for sale part of the site. 

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Epoxy resin anyone?  This is what happens when you refuse to replace your valve radios grid coupling capacitors!   

Stock last updated on 2/12/19
New items added on 10/10/19

C1960 Eddystone 840C General coverage receiver
For restoration.  This one works quite well as found as it has previously been overhauled by another vintage radio enthusiast 20 or so years back.   There was a sticker on the back of the chassis!  The work looks to be of a decent standard.   What is letting this set down is the front panel,  which appears that the lacquer sprayed on by Eddystone to protect the lettering etc has degraded.    You might find that given a good clean up and then an application of fresh clear coat spray will mask this sufficiently.   It looks almost like water damage however there are no signs of any rust,  the internal speaker is fine as is the tuning dial.  The rest of the case is also very good condition.   Confusing.   Anyway it's a good radio, going cheap and if looks are not so important then have a go with this one. 
Price   (for restoration)   £55   UK Delivery £15    EU £28  -  £35

Advance Type E model 2 RF Signal Generator.

100KHz  -  100 MHz coverage.  AM/CW   with an accurate back lit frequency display.    Someone has replaced the belling lee connectors with standard BNC types.  It does work quite well but no doubt a service and few wax paper capacitor replacements would be beneficial.   This particular version also includes the low level audio output which can use for tracing signals through the AF stages of a radio  (via a capacitor!)  Condition wise the case has many little marks,  nothing too serious.  It could be re-sprayed if you wanted to get it looking better.    Easy to use and much praise given by Chas Miller,  if you have his excellent restoration guides then you will have seen many pictures of this model!    Sold as arrived,  as seen. 
Price £38      UK Delivery  £12

Advance H-1 Sine / Square wave Valve audio signal generator
For restoration.   It does work but the output is a bit on the feeble side,  I suspect it will only need a few wax paper capacitors replacing to make it 100% again.  This audio generator covers the range of 15Hz to 50KHz and will make another useful addition to your radio workshop.   Condition wise it really is good,  possibly the best cosmetic Advance generator we have had in for a long time.   The display is backlit on this model.   
Price £45       UK Delivery  £12  Sorry this is sold.   

Record "Minor" insulation tester  -  Megger

Fully working,  in good condition.  Nice Bakelite case.   You can test insulation or use it to give painful electric shocks to people of ill repute.  I tried it on myself,  it's erm, interesting.   
Price £15      UK Delivery  £6.50  Sorry this has gone.  Sold.

Greyshaw Instruments SG50 RF valve signal generator.
This unit will add a bit of colour to your workshop and a very well made and useful item it is too.   I can't say I have ever seen another Greyshaw Instruments piece of test equipment, it is British made and has a really easy to read front panel dial.   The front panel is made from Perspex or acrylic of some kind,  and the whole generator is housed in a steel case which is only 3.5" deep  -  it has a small footprint.    Frequency coverage is 100 KHz to 80 MHz in 6 ranges and you will be able to go higher in frequency using harmonics.   It is working as found, completely original and ready to go.  You might want to change a few capacitors for long term reliability and clean the switches.  The output is via a coax flying lead on the side of the case.   Supplied with the original rather tatty sales leaflet which is nice to have but I am sure you will soon figure out how to use this 1950's device.    Dimensions are 13" wide, 9" high and 3.5" deep.
Price £50      UK Delivery  £10

AVO Model 8 Mk III
Needs new batteries and a clean up.   Everything appears to be working ok and it comes with a set of the original AVO leads.  This is the standard model as used to take most of the measurements noted on Trader service sheets.  The front panel just needs a buff up with some black shoe polish.  Use an old toothbrush to get it into all the nooks and crannies.   
Price £20      UK Delivery  £9.50
Sorry this is sold.   

English Electric Voltmeter.  Bakelite cased  0--300V
Bit of a collectors item here,  it is all very good apart from a hairline crack in one back corner of the case.  The voltmeter scale is clear and you can see this was a quality item.  Made in Stafford, dated 17/10/1957  1000 ohms/volt.     GWO.
Price £12       UK Delivery  £9.50

Heathkit RF Valve Signal Generator
Good working order,  as usual I would say it would benefit from a service but it does seem to be quite happy.   A compact Heathkit RF generator supplied with the full instruction manual  (which also covers construction of the kit versions)  The front panel is excellent,  there sis some light dusty rust on the rear case section that will easily clean up with wire wool should you wish to do so.  Frequency coverage is quite respectable too ranging from 100 KHz through to 200 MHz.  You also have an AF signal tracing output on this model which you can use to suss out audio circuits.   The dimensions are 9.5" wide, 5" deep and 7.52 high. 
Price £45      UK Delivery  £10 
Sorry this is sold.   

1920's? Pye Decade resistance switch box
This must be going on at least 100 years old,  if not a little more.   An early offering by Pye of Cambridge.   The values are remarkably accurate given its age when compared to my all singing and dancing Fluke multi meter!  The base box is hardwood,  it is arranged in 100's 10's and 1's  and the idea is you set the controls to the required value for your experiment,  or to say balance a resistive bridge and use it to "compute" the value of the resistor on test.   Fascinating.  All original too.  Go on you know you need this….
Price £15      UK Delivery  £7.50

1970's Heathkit Regulated HT DC Power Supply  IP27-17
This unit is one of those must have pieces of equipment if you are interested in making your own valve projects,  testing HT circuits,  building amplifiers,  running small valve transmitters,  powering a 1155 receiver and so on.  The list is pretty much endless.  If you don't fancy making the mains end of the project then read on.

A few years back we had some similar Farnell units on offer and they turned out to be very popular.  Well the good news is this time I have managed to find something similar,  just a one off but a very useable and slightly more compact Heathkit power unit.   

So what we have here is a 100mA DC power supply which is fully variable from 20V to 400V   -  heaps of current for this kind of thing.  It will also provide 125mA on peaks.  The regulation is handled by a pair of 6L6 valves which can easily handle this sort of current.    Your average receiver usually only needs 20mA or so on the HT line.   This unit also has multiple low voltage AC outputs for running heater chains etc.   

All in good cosmetic order with clean dials and meters.  Everything works as it should.   
12" wide, 5" high and 10" deep.   

The AC outputs are  6.3V AC 4A,   12.6V AC 2A

0  -  100V 1mA  C -  bias    (negative grid bias control)

B+    -  this is the DC HT supply   0  -  400V DC 100mA continuous with 125mA peak

Complete with the full original manual,  in good working order.  I have been running it on load and monitoring the DC output. 

Price £150      UK Delivery  £10

A word of warning.  400 V at 100mA DC is enough to kill anyone so you must treat those output connections with respect!  There are both internal and external fuses to protect inputs and outputs. 

Sorry this power supply is sold. 

Advance OS1000A Oscilloscope
This definitely needs a service and all the switches / pots cleaning.   There could be other faults too.   It powers up,  but the brightness control does not do much  -  the trace is too bright,  hence out of focus.  Could just be the pot or the earth on it.   Who knows.   It is a backlit graticule display type,  good quality 'scope.  Mains lead included.  No other bits and pieces.   There is a bit of damage to the lip on the edge trim around the tube.  Other than this it is very tidy.   For repair / restoration.   

Price £20     UK Delivery £14 
Sorry this has gone.  Sold.

C1993 Lowe HF225 Communications Receiver 
Fully working,  in good condition.  This is one of the best British made general coverage receivers of the past 30 years  -  hard to believe it is nearly 30 years since this model came out.  Built in Matlock,  downstairs in the workshops of Lowe Electronics the quirky HF225 is a proper receiver in a small cabinet.   Good audio,  excellent filters and full HF coverage this example has the benefit of the optional Synchronous detector board which gives almost HiFi audio quality on stronger SW broadcast stations,  and includes NBFM for 10 and 11M or anywhere else that FM might be in use.   It has a 200 Hz CW filter,  and switched 2.2,4,7 and 10 KHz IF filters.  The front end is very strong with high overload margins.    Complete with the original paperwork manual and listeners guide and the original Lowe mains power supply.    I have a HF225 which has been part of my listening equipment since 1994.  One of my favourites and if I could justify it I would keep this one too!   

Price,  serviced in GWO £250    UK Delivery £10     EU £28  -  £35
Sorry this is sold

C1955 Racal RA17  General coverage professional comms rx

In my mind the undisputed heavyweight champion of British communication receivers,  the RA17 in its day,  and indeed today in many ways sets the standard for general coverage receivers.  Used in diplomatic embassies around the world,  by the RAF, spooks (ahem GCHQ),  the BBC monitoring service at Caversham, NATO, we even sold RACAL receivers to the US military.  Yep they were good and back in 1955 the purchase price was almost the same a small house.  So they were not at all aimed at the amateur.  Although one or two with deep pockets had one.   Back in the 60's there was an RA17 at the show station of the  RSGB.   The list goes on.   This model made Racal who went on to build all manner of communications and military kit, and eventually evolved into what we now know as Vodaphone.   They are not doing too bad either!   

Well driving this beast takes a little bit of getting used to,  again it is a Wadley Loop system receiver  - the original?  I am not sure about that but it is certainly the best.   You have to select the MHz dial first, then adjust the KHz dial  (which is the longest 35mm analogue scale dial ever fitted in a receiver of this type).   Excellent accuracy and you do not need a frequency display to see where you are.  The dial can be calibrated by the built in 1 MHz and 100 KHz crystal marker signals.    Stability has to be heard to believe.  I find even from cold you can tune in a CW station and leave it going for hours and it never seems to drift.

Condition wise it is the standard rack mount version, 19".   Excellent front panel and lettering.  The whole thing has been thoroughly overhauled and is working very well now from MW up to 30 MHz.  CW is fantastic with the switched crystal filter which goes down to 100 Hz bandwidth.    For AM and SSB / data there are 8KHz, 3.5 Khz, 1.5 KHz, 750 and 300 Hz filters.   A full copy of the manual is included and it comes with the correct,  original spec Racal mains lead.     Antenna connections are via an angled PL259 socket which  replaced the original input  (this was done prior to us getting the receiver).   Audio output  -  this receiver will drive an external 3 ohm or 600 ohm load,  which is highly recommended as the internal speaker is tiny and only really there for testing purposes.   If there is anything negative to say about the RA17 is has to be the internal speaker and rather poor audio amplifier that they used.   An EF91 no less  (which is really a high gain IF / RF amplifier pentode!)     I have always wanted to own an RA17 but only recently realised that little dream (yes I have another receiver with my name on it!) and now it is your chance to own this cold war wonder.    This baby is ex RAF if you are interested….
Price £525      This includes personal UK mainland delivery.  There will be a £20 fuel surcharge for deliveries to Cornwall and Scottish highlands.   Sorry no delivery to Northern Ireland or Ireland,  however I am quite happy to meet up at a UK mainland ferry port.   Email for details.  This price also includes an extension speaker which you are really going to want to use for long periods of listening.   You will also get driving lessons should you need them and some genuine enthusiasm :-)  Oh and I will carry it for you too.   The badge says 67 lbs
Afraid the Racal is sold.

C1950 Eddystone S740 Communications receiver  (overhauled)
I like the old Eddystone cabinet layouts,  there is something about the half moon style dials and the multicoloured printing against the black crackle painted cabinet that sets them apart from the blander grey models of later years.   Definitely has a war time feel about the controls and layout of this receiver.   It was aimed at the high end of the amateur market and performs very well with even a simple antenna system.    There is nothing overly complicated about the receiver, it has the usual single conversion octal valved superhet with a BFO for CW,  you can tune in SSB signals with ease too when the RF gain is backed off a little.   It does have an extra RF stage amp.  The dial has a slow motion drive with a logging scale on the right hand side.  Condition wise it is very presentable,  if you want me to be picky there is a little bit of wear on the thumb plate at the rear of the wave change switch knob but this is hardly noticeable .  The dial and case are excellent.    I have overhauled the chassis,  re-aligned it and it is good to go.   All you need is a suitable 3 ohm extension speaker and a length of wire up in the garden.  You will be listening to the world in no time.   I was really tempted to keep this for myself as I love that dial.   Oh well I think I have far too many radio toys already..   

Price  (overhauled) £275    UK Delivery £15    EU £28  -  £35
Dimensions are 17" wide, 9" high and 9" deep so not too big at all.  Remember you will need a 3 ohm extension speaker or phones to use this radio.
Sorry this one has gone.  Sold.

A little bit of BBC monitoring back in the 1960's     Those were the days.   No heating required.

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