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Here we have a selection of vintage goodies that do not really fit into our other sales pages.   One off items of interest to radio and maybe in the future audio enthusiasts.   Most things are as found but a full description of their working state will be included.   Some items will be serviced and come with our standard six month return to base warranty. 

Vintage and modern communications equipment,  test equipment for your workshop,  useful bulk components and all those kinds of things.    This page will not be updated as often as our main overhauled and diy radios for sale part of the site. 

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Epoxy resin anyone?  This is what happens when you refuse to replace your valve radios grid coupling capacitors!   

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1962 Eddystone S940 Communications receiver   (valve) New
Fully overhauled and ready to tune into the world once again.   

Here we have one of the classic Eddystone receivers,  it has just been fettled in our workshop and is now in great working order.   The 930 was aimed at the more discerning amateur listener or commercial user.  It is a proper HF communications receiver with decent filtering,  a product detector for SSB listening,  AGC,  S meter and several stages of IF amplifier.    This one cosmetically is excellent,  and hardly has any marks on it at all.   Comes complete with the Eddystone mains lead (with proper plug) and some original paperwork / manuals.    They are easy to drive and the silky smooth tuning makes whizzing up and down the SW bands a pleasure.   Tunes from MW through to 30 MHz.   Have a look at the pictures and see the Eddystone user group website for more information about this set.     

Frequency Coverage :- HF communications receiver to 30 MHz.

Price £300
UK Delivery £25     It is a heavy beast of a receiver built in a steel cabinet!

A little bit of BBC monitoring back in the 1960's     Those were the days.   No heating required.

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