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Here we have a selection of vintage goodies that do not really fit into our other sales pages.   One off items of interest to radio and maybe in the future audio enthusiasts.   Most things are as found but a full description of their working state will be included.   Some items will be serviced and come with our standard six month return to base warranty. 

Vintage and modern communications equipment,  test equipment for your workshop,  useful bulk components and all those kinds of things.    This page will not be updated as often as our main overhauled and diy radios for sale part of the site. 

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Epoxy resin anyone?  This is what happens when you refuse to replace your valve radios grid coupling capacitors!   

Stock last updated on 18/7/17
New items added on 26/6/17

C1979 LOWE SRX30D communications receiver
Here we have a very clean and tidy example of the classic Lowe reveiver,  based on the Wadley Loop tuning system.   500 KHz -  30 MHz in 1 MHz segments. The receiver has had a decent clean up and thorough electrical service  -  everything is working well.   SSB and AM reception.   The front panel is one of the cleanest I have seen in a long time  -  it is better than my own SRX30 which my father bought new in 1980 from the old Lowe shop in Matlock!  The one I own has been in regular service ever since.    I will include a copy of the owner manual sheets and any other info I can find.     Great for every day general listening and tuning up and down the bands.  The tuning dial is quite accurate too.   

HF General coverage rx,  0.5--30 MHz. AM, USB,LSB.  Tuned preselector with a proper S meter.   Have a look at early 1980's SWM mags and you will find a picture of one on the front cover!

Price £130      UK Delivery £12   
Sorry this one has sold,  almost straight away. I must find some more comms receivers…..

C1940's Marconi CR300-2      Communications Receiver
A classic valve receiver,  many military folk will have "cut their teeth" on this model back in the 40's and 1950's.    Designed for a number of HF applications,  it's nothing too complicated compared to say a Racal RA-17 which likely replaced the CR300's in service.   All in very good original condition,  complete with internal speaker,  the fault / operators chart  (which has shrunk / yellowed due to being waterproofed in celluloid).   This model does not have a built in power supply so you will need to figure this out  (plenty of info available on the internet).  You could at a pinch build one on the chassis although I would be tempted to have something external and keep the radio original.     Not too big,  it's heavy enough but nothing like an AR88.      Well preserved.   
Price £75   
Sorry,  this Marconi has been sold.   

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