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Here we have a selection of vintage goodies that do not really fit into our other sales pages.   One off items of interest to radio and maybe in the future audio enthusiasts.   Most things are as found but a full description of their working state will be included.   Some items will be serviced and come with our standard six month return to base warranty. 

Vintage and modern communications equipment,  test equipment for your workshop,  useful bulk components and all those kinds of things.    This page will not be updated as often as our main overhauled and diy radios for sale part of the site. 

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Epoxy resin anyone?  This is what happens when you refuse to replace your valve radios grid coupling capacitors!   

Stock last updated on 11/1/22
New items added 1/12/21

We are currently all out of communications equipment and test gear   -  the first time for many years!   Due to problems getting hold of items,  events being cancelled and a lack of private collections being offered since the beginning of the Covid situation.

Don't worry though!   As soon as we get some more "heavy metal" in, this bit of the website will be updated.   It keeps me fit lugging this stuff around….

The workshop continues to be available for repairs and restoration work. 

1981 Trio Kenwood R1000   general coverage receiver
This was the upmarket version of the 600,  with a slightly better tuning dial action,  some more attenuators and better quality audio.    It has both analogue and digital frequency readout.   As above the R1000 has just been through the workshop and is working a treat.   There are a couple of minor scratches on the top panel,  nothing serious or that spoils the receiver.   The 1000 is an excellent all round receiver,  very rugged  -  much more substantial than the R600.    I have one of this type too!    Must say I am not a fan of the newer Kenwood receivers but this 1980's Japanese stuff was really first class.    Has 50 ohm and HiZ antenna inputs.    Supplied with a mains lead and a copy of the user manuals. 


Price £195    UK delivery   £14   EU etc,  just ask
Sorry this one has gone.  Sold.

1982/3 Trio Kenwood R600   general coverage receiver
Always loved this model of receiver,  when I was a kid I remember writing a letter to Lowe Electronics in Matlock, who at the time were sole importers of Trio gear here in the UK and they sent me a brochure about it.  I was I think 10 at the time and was very much listening to the world on my dad's AR88D   That's a while back.   I have had an R600 for the best part of 30 years now and it is still going strong.   Excellent build quality and very little really to go wrong on them.   Back to this one,  which you can see is very clean and tidy.  It has just had a thorough service in the workshop and is working really well.   Simple, yet good for general listening and tuning into amateur stations or the odd military net.   No marks on this one as such.    If you want a good, reliable yet simple SW receiver that is not littered in buttons that do nothing,  look no further.   Has 50 ohm and HiZ antenna inputs.    Supplied with a mains lead and a copy of the user manuals. 

Price £175    UK delivery   £14   EU etc,  just ask
Sorry this one has gone.  Sold.

A little bit of BBC monitoring back in the 1960's     Those were the days.   No heating required.

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