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Here we have a selection of vintage goodies that do not really fit into our other sales pages.   One off items of interest to radio and maybe in the future audio enthusiasts.   Most things are as found but a full description of their working state will be included.   Some items will be serviced and come with our standard six month return to base warranty. 

Vintage and modern communications equipment,  test equipment for your workshop,  useful bulk components and all those kinds of things.    This page will not be updated as often as our main overhauled and diy radios for sale part of the site. 

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Epoxy resin anyone?  This is what happens when you refuse to replace your valve radios grid coupling capacitors!   

Stock last updated on 9/5/18
New items added on 23/4/18

Some new items.  We have more communication  goodies to add soon.

1960/70s HT Variable DC Power Supply   Farnell E350
This unit is one of those must have pieces of equipment if you are interested in making your own valve projects,  testing HT circuits,  building amplifiers,  running small valve transmitters,  powering a 1155 receiver and so on.  The list is pretty much endless.  If you don't fancy making the mains end of the project then read on.

So what we have here is a 100mA DC power supply which is fully variable from 0 to 350V   -  heaps of current for this kind of thing.   Your average receiver usually only needs 20mA or so on the HT line.   This unit also has multiple low voltage AC outputs for running heater chains etc.   

There is current limiting available on the rear of the unit.   Fantastic heavy build quality  -  the chassis is really well thought out and put together. Variable regulation uses a Mullard EL34 as the current shunt  -  no expense spared!    Fully checked over,  overhauled where required and has been run on a load whilst being monitored on the oscilloscope for an extended period.  The meters are large and very accurate.

The AC outputs are  3.15  -  0  - 3.15V AC at 2A
                                0,  2.5, 5, 6.3V AC at 3A
The DC output is in switched 50V ranges,  up to 350V  @ 100mA max.

We have several units available,  all basically in the same good cosmetic condition.   

Price £150      UK Delivery  £10 
A word of warning.  350V at 100mA DC is enough to kill anyone so you must treat those output connections with respect!  There are both internal and external fuses to protect inputs and outputs.  A copy of the full user manual will be provided.   
Sorry all sold out now.   We just sent out the last one a couple of days ago.

Late 1940's early 50's Advance P1 AM RF Signal Generator

We recently sold another generator much the same as this one,  although that example had a better cabinet.    This particular one could do with a coat of silver grey Hammerite to tidy it up.  Or just use it as a cheap RF workhorse.  You are going to need to replace the mains lead on it and possibly a few capacitors to get good stability however it is "working"  as found.  RF coverage is 100 KHz to 100 MHz. 

Price £25      UK Delivery  £12

Eagle SG70 AM RF Signal Generator   
Working as found.  It needs a bit of a clean up and a service of the pots etc,  well worth the effort though as the frequency coverage is impressive.  120 KHz through to 500MHz in six ranges.  There is also a built in xtal oscillator for crystal checking.  Nice and compact, and very easy to operate. 
Price £35     UK Delivery  £10  5.5x8x6" dimensions.   
This one has gone too.   Sold.

1947 Eddystone S640 General Coverage Receiver.  Overhauled
Here we have an interesting Eddystone receiver,  one of their first post war offerings aimed at the radio amateur and short wave listening enthusiast.   Three short wave ranges with dual tuning control   -  you set the main pointer to the bit of the band you want to listen to and then tune through it using the band spread control.    Which gives the nice looking clock glass dial that you see on this model.   All in very good condition and has been fully overhauled,  and re-aligned.  The tuning dial is pretty accurate and you can resolve SSB easily on this model using the BFO.   There is also a simple variable crystal filter for CW and you can also use this to cut out interference to some degree on wider modes.   Audio output requires a 3 ohm external loudspeaker or you can plug a pair of phones in on the front panel.   It's a pity this model does not cover MW,  it is a true SW only receiver.  Covers from about 1.8 Mhz up to 30 MHz.   Given a decent extension speaker it sounds very good tuned into broadcast stations.    Complete with a copy of the user / service manual.

Price  (fully overhauled)  £205     UK Delivery £20 

C1960 Eddystone 850/2 LW / VLF Receiver. For restoration.
This is a rare one.   I can't say I have ever seen another  -   have read a little about it though on the Eddystone User Group website,  which is well worth a visit.  So what is it?   10 KHz -  300 KHz in 5 band spread ranges.  So it covers things like submarines, beacons, shipping, Radio 4… and so on.   You might need a light house though if an efficient antenna is to be erected for VLF!  Back to the radio in question.   It is more or less all there.   The output valve and rectifier are missing,  as are two of the plastic toggle switch levers (they screw onto the switch knuckle) and one knob has gone.    The good news is though that apart from this parts theft, if that is what it is the rest of the chassis looks to be complete and not messed about with at all.  The cabinet, dial and front plate are all nice and tidy.  You need to have a good look at the pictures.   As Eddystones go this one is quite large too,  at 17x12x9"  it is a bit of a beast.  Interesting all the same and something you might want to spend a bit of time sorting out.   Again we have the full original manual for it which will be included with the radio. 
Price £75     UK Delivery £30   It is heavy

C1969 Eddystone EC10Mk2   Fully overhauled. 
We have quite a few Eddystone radios on the stock shelves at the moment.   Which is nothing bad at all,  and I am certainly not complaining!   The EC10 was the Eddystone that got them firmly entrenched in the transistor "domestic amateur" market and given the cabinet size is half of the valve equivalent the EC10 in various guises went on to be one of their best selling ranges.    This mark 2 version has several improvements over the original,  mainly in the fine tuning and stability departments.  We have given it the full works,  all those dodgy transistors that cause problems with tin whiskers have been replaced with some thing more reliable,  and the dial alignment is now quite accurate.   It is a battery model which runs from 6 D cells  -  the battery case is very clean and has no leak damage (which can ruin a perfectly good EC10).   It covers LW right up to 30 MHz, and has a decent internal speaker.   In truly in excellent condition,  they don't really get any better than this.  AM,  CW and SSB covered with a nice little S meter,  silky smooth tuning and some useable filtering for narrow band work.   

Price  (fully overhauled)  £195      UK Delivery £13   EU £22  -  £35
Sorry this is sold.

C1969 Eddystone EB35  Fully overhauled.  LW,MW,SW and VHF FM
Another fabulous example of Eddystone transistor communications receiver technology.   This is the rarer, dark green version of the broadcast listening EB35  -  which does not have a BFO built in so it is just for listening to broadcast stations  (although you could easily inject a IF frequency signal using a sig gen to resolve CW or SSB!)  What it does have though is VHF FM coverage,  and it works really well on all bands and modes  - the sound quality really is rather good.    Did you know Prince Charles had one just like this mounted in his Aston Martin DB6 roadster,  fastened to the dashboard above the passenger seat area.  Which was fitted when the Queen gave him the car as a 21st birthday present.    He still uses the same car to this day but I expect the EB35 has long gone.  There are pictures about of this installation  -  it did nothing much for the leg room of any passenger!  Anyway back to this example,  much the same as the EC10 above it has been fully overhauled and re-aligned.    Working a treat and in superb condition.  6 D cells required for the battery box.

Price  (fully overhauled)  £195      UK Delivery £13   EU £22  - £35

C1957 Amelco (Collins) R390-A/URR  US Military Communications Receiver.
OK.  It's ready to go now.  This has been here a little while and on test for a few weeks.  Working well.  What it is?  If you need to ask,  the best thing to do is have a look on the internet.  This receiver,  was, is supposedly one of the best communications receivers of it's time.   Originally developed by Collins and the manufactured under license for the US military by several major electronics companies.  Amelco is one of them.    To be brief this is a triple conversion receiver, with an accurate mechanical "digital" frequency display.  The whole receiver is tuned rather like a car engine,  with a series of cams, chains and sprockets continually adjusting the inductors and capacitors to give supposedly optimum performance on any given frequency.   Well after it had been given a good service and some components replaced it does indeed work very well.    I obtained this as part of a large collection of communications receivers from a family in N. Ireland and it has been well looked after.   It is a rack mount affair,  about the same size as a Racal RA17 and I expect it would fit into a Racal cabinet.   It does have a cover panel for the top  -  this is just a blank piece of alloy.  The front panel is pretty good  - there is a bit of wear around some of the control knobs and the lettering has rubbed a little in places.  It is however all legible and given this radios service role in good shape.    Did you know in the 1980's the US military had a small production run started again to build new R390-A models,  for use in high electromagnetic field applications (to me that says submarines!) -  they couldn't get a modern receiver to come up to the same standard.   The 390A was last seen in active duty during the Desert Storm war in the early 90's.   I have been told however that a number are still used by government agencies in the states.  Whatever, it is quite a beast and with 20 odd valves it needs a decent bench to put it on.  Power supply wise you can run it from either 240 or 110V  -  it is currently set to 240V.   Antenna in is via a BNC connector on the rear panel.  Both meters work  -  one is an "audio" level meter,  the other is more of an AGC driven S meter.   Plenty of audio bandwidth controls and filtering.     Tuning is pretty straightforward,  set the MHz and then adjust the  KHZ knob.   It all sounds very mechanical due to the tuning dial and cam set up  -  not one really for spinning up and down the bands.  Very rare to get in the UK,  expect to pay at least $1200 for a decent one in the states and then you have to ship it here.  Which is a problem unless you have a military cargo plane to crate it up in!     Supplied complete with a large file of information,  the full service and user manual and a speaker cabinet,  which has the correct 600 ohm matching transformer fitted inside, to suit the R390-A audio output impedance.     
Price £750       Sorry this is sold.      Update soon...

This price includes personal delivery within the UK mainland,  I am afraid it is not available to ship overseas or to Ireland.  However as has been said before I would be willing to meet up at a dodgy car park next to a British ferry port…..   There is a fuel surcharge of £25 for northern Scotland (north of Edinburgh/Glasgow) and Cornwall.   I will give you a hand to set it up and any driving lessons required for use. 

1970's SAILOR  (Danish) Marine and SW receiver.  For restoration. 
This is interesting and it is flipping heavy too.    Never have I come across a transistor based receiver that weighs quite so much for its size!  What did they make the metal cabinet out of ?  Lead?  Only kidding but it really is  well built.   Runs on D cells and is 12"x9"x6" in size.  Made in Denmark,  with Scandinavian build quality.  Covers LW,MW, SW and Shipping bands.    Looks like AF126 transistors on the IF strip.    Nice project.
Price £75    UK delivery £12    EU £22 - £30

1950/60's Audio Wattmeter Absorption ZD00661 
Made by Marconi. 
This is a very useful piece of test equipment for any radio repairer.  It is the audio level meter that is often mentioned in things like Trader Sheets when going through the alignment stages.   This meter acts as a dummy load for the loudspeaker output  (with the load impedance to be set between 2.5R and 20K ohms) and can measure 200 uW to a maximum of 6W.    So the idea is you set the meter to a high wattage level,  feed in the audio to be measured.   Switch the meter down to a point where you get a usable measurement on the needle.  Do your alignment on the set in question,  watching the meter for maximum deflection.    You can also make accurate measurements of the receivers sensitivity if you know the exact level of the input signal on test.  As I said,  very useful, especially if your ears are not as good as they used to be! Has been thoroughly tested and is in good working order / condition.  Ex military issue. 
Price £35     UK Delivery £10   Sold.

C1956 Eddystone 730/4 General Coverage Comms Receiver.  As used by Royal Signals, Coast Guard etc.   
In good working order,  having been serviced in the workshop.  This came our way as part of a collection of communications receivers, some of which are featured this time around on the website.  Everything works,  including the somewhat pointless Eddystone S Meter  (which only works on the very narrow bandwidth setting for this model!)   The filtering is of good quality and they also fitted a variable phasing crystal filter for CW on this upmarket, military model.    As you can see from the photos this example is in beautiful original condition.   You will just need a suitable 3 ohm extension speaker and a reasonable long wire antenna to get this receiver tuned into the world.  Supplied with a good, bound copy of the user manual, service manual and some other info I have found of interest relating to the 730.   
Price £240      UK Delivery £25   It is heavy!

1949 GEC BRT400 Communications Receiver for restoration
Another not so common receiver of large proportions.  GEC decided to have a go at making comms gear,  and many like this model ended up in foreign diplomatic offices around the world.   It is a bit different looking from the other sets of the time,  I suppose rather like an Eddystone of later years, having taken a vast amount of steroids. 

The good news is it is working after a fashion in its current state.  There is quite a pronounced mains hum on the audio so one or several of the filter capacitors will have failed.    At least it does prove everything is present,  if not entirely correct.  The S meter works well.   The chassis looks to be untouched  -  the only complaint I have to report is that the bottom panel is missing.   This will be easy to fabricate from a piece of aluminium.  It is simply a plain panel.  Or just leave it open,  air cooled.  I won't tell anyone.    You are going to have to replace some capacitors at the very least.   We have the complete owners / service manual for this which will of course be included.   Coverage is 150 KHz to 33 MHz.  AM / CW etc.  There is a bit of screen printing wear on the front panel (see pictures).  Nothing too serious.  The important  tuning dial is however, perfect.   Not quite as heavy as an AR88 but it is up there with an RA17 in terms of mass.   Good project. 
Dimensions are 20x11x15"

Price £90    UK Delivery £35   (you are welcome to collect!)

C1940 National HRO TYPE HRO-MX  Communications receiver,  complete with matching mains power supply unit and 10 coil packs.  Stamped US ARMY.   Fully working,  serviced.
Here we have yet another WW2 classic communications receiver, in very good working order across the whole HF band spectrum.  The HRO uses coil packs,  see the picture which slot in the font panel,  depending on what range you want to listen to.   This radio had previously been overhauled to a good standard  (the work is all under the chassis -  it is not as neat as it could have been although electrically perfectly acceptable.  Just to make sure I re-soldered most of the connections!).  The only little fault to mention really is the S Meter,  which works but the end of the pointer is bent.    This could be opened up and straightened,  or it is a simple job to replace should you be able to find a suitable meter.  They are relatively easy to come by in the USA. Also included with the receiver is the original HT "dog kennel" power supply unit.  As you can see from the pictures the metalwork is very clean and tidy.  Very selective radio,  as used by the code breakers at Bletchley park amongst others during the war.   I have given it a good thorough service,  making sure that everything is working and up to scratch.   Nice to have the complete set,  all in one place.    The power units are harder to get than the main receiver.

Sorry this one is sold.   

Available shortly  -  we have a couple more Eddystone receivers awaiting attention both are good examples.   Models 840C and 940.     

Also whilst you are here  -  I am looking for a RACAL RA17 cabinet to house my own RA17  -  Can anyone help with this?   I don't mind re-painting something if needed.  I also need a RA17 S meter to replace the open circuit meter in my receiver.   GCHQ didn't bother to repair it before getting rid!   Any suggestions?     

1973 KW 202 HF Amateur Bands Communications RX  Fully Overhauled
I will most likely regret selling this rare radio,  it has been here for a while and was one of my favourite listening  receivers.    Could this model be the last commercially manufactured valve only communications receiver here in the UK?   By 1973 things were moving towards integrated circuits in a big way,  digital synthesizers were not too many years ahead of this.  However KW of Dartford were not having any of that.  So they built this fantastic amateur bands receiver.   It really is good too,  and unlike so many earlier valve designs it was made for SSB.   It has a proper product detector, with selectable side bands.  There is also a Q multiplier and effective notch filter.     The chassis is constructed partially on a fibre glass printed circuit board and housed in a rugged cabinet.   This has been fully overhauled and is in perfect working order  -  the sound quality and performance are really top notch.  I particularly like the heavy die case control knobs and slow motion tuning drive.   The cabinet and front panel are excellent,  you could say perfect condition and the original packing delivery box with matching serial number is included.   
Frequency coverage,  10,15,20,40, 80 and 160M amateur bands with the AM bits up and down from each range.     The receiver need an external speaker, I have a lead with the correct plug to fit the LS socket on the rear of the case.    They also made a matching transmitter to go with this but alas I don't have one of them. 

Price  (fully overhauled)  £250   
Apologies,  this one has gone.  Sold.

1941 RCA AR88D General Purpose Communications Receiver
Fully Overhauled.   
We have been busy.  Or indeed that should be "I" have been busy.   This has to be one of the best all round 1940's communications receivers and a good one,  in working order can still to this day hold it's own place against most modern communication receivers.  But that is not the reason for owning one,  no it is all about the warm glowing dials,  the silky smooth tuning control driven through a gearbox that is a marvel of radio engineering and the soft mellow audio tones that can be produced through a decent 3 ohm speaker.   Everything is working well on this receiver,  it has had a thorough going over and performance is good right up to 32 MHz.  The 5 stage filter is very effective.  Have it on wide for general AM listening and narrow it up a few clicks,  back down the RF gain control,  set the AVC to auto and turn the BFO on and you can listen to SSB on the amateur bands.   Or the odd Polish numbers station.   Or as I often do in my slightly crazed existence listen into some North Korean drivel on the broadcast bands.  It's all possible with an AR88.   As is the chance of getting back ache,  as fitted in the almost armour plated cabinet it weighs in at well over 100lbs.    So you will need a decent bench to put it on.    The AR88 is the radio that got me started in all of this,  we have had one in our family since the late 1940's and my first memories of playing radio were spinning the dials around on  our AR88D back in the 70's (it's a blue painted RAF version,  with diversity control).  Most likely listening in to Radio Moscow or one of those East German number stations.   I am still hooked,  and the family AR88 has pride of place in my radio den.
This one is in excellent,  restored condition.   They don't often turn up like this. 
Price £495     This price includes personal delivery within the UK mainland,  I am afraid it is not available to ship overseas or to Ireland.  However I would be willing to meet up at a dodgy car park next to a British ferry port…..   There is a fuel surcharge of £25 for northern Scotland (north of Edinburgh/Glasgow) and Cornwall.   I will give you a hand to set it up and any driving lessons required for use.  Supplied with a good copy of the MOD users manual.
I am afraid to say this AR88 has gone too.  Sold. 

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